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    US Independence Day kicks off the month of July, as we commemorate it with several new Independence Day Events! Start collecting State House Bell and the 100 Dollar Bill (Item) from both PvP and PvM!

    The Declaration of Independence Collecting Drop Event:
    Craft the Declaration of Independence by collecting four 100 Dollar Bill (Item) = The Declaration (Item) for a chance to get some rewards.

    Event Details:

    • The 100 Dollar Bill (Item) will randomly drop in both PvP and PvM.
    • You can then collect Four 100 Dollar Bill (Item) to create The Declaration via Manufacture>Black Smith NPC blacsmith 100.jpg
    • Or you can also keep that 100 Dollar Bill (Item) sell/trade for 100,000 Silver Jeon
    • Once manufactured The Declaration can be opened for a chance to received one of the following items
    The Declaration:
    Contains one of the following items randomly generated:

    • Diamond
    • Auto Hunt Scroll (5h)
    • Herbal Medicine Box
    • Pet EXP Boost Pill
    • Fahrenheit piece (Common)
    • Fahrenheit piece (Uncommon)
    • Fahrenheit piece (Rare)
    • Tin Metal (3%)
    • Sage Stone (6%)
    • Red Sparrow Bloody Cape
    • Legacy of Guanyin, Fujin, Jinong – Contains 1 Random Legacy Skill (Designated Faction)
    The Statue of Liberty Craft:
    You can also collect 3 The Declaration combine it with the Liberty Bell (Heaven Jade Chest (July) Item Drop) to form a Statue of Liberty (Item) for additional rewards.
    blacsmith liberty.jpg
    The Statue of Liberty:
    Contains one of the following items randomly generated:

    • UpLv Stone(120%)
    • Crescent Wings(Accessory)(ND)(RS)(GT)
    • W.B Dragon Wings(Accessory)(ND)(RS)(GT)
    • Nine Tailed Fox (Accessory)(ND)(RS)(GT)
    The State House Bell Drop Event:
    In addition we also have a State House Bell (Item) will randomly drop in both PvP and PvM.

    State House Bell Contents:
    Contains one of the following items:
    • Fortune Pouch
    • Tin Metal (3%)
    • Sage Stone (6%)
    • Truss Metal (9%)
    • CP Lucky Ticket
    Fahrenheit Pieces PVP Drop Event will continue

    Fahrenheit Pieces PVP Drop for Levels Rebirth 6 or above via Blacksmith NPC.
    There will be 3 Different Fahrenheit Pieces each will have a better chance of crafting a Fahrenheit Jade
    • Fahrenheit piece (Common) 5% Success Chance
    • Fahrenheit piece (Unique) 7% Success Chance
    • Fahrenheit piece (Rare) 10% Success Chance
    blacsmith heit.jpg
    • Any Fahrenheit Piece can be combined with another Fahrenheit Piece so you can combine (2 Common to 2 Rare) or (3 Unique to 1 Rare) or (1 Common 2 Unique 1 Rare) or any other 4 Fahrenheit Piece Combination
    • Also having 4 of the same Fahrenheit Piece whether it’s Common or Rare can be combined
    • Fahrenheit Piece % Success chances are added up, but it does not guarantee a success or failed manufactured to a Fahrenheit Jade as there is always a chance of a fail or success upgrade no matter what combination of Fahrenheit Pieces.
    • Event details are subject to change.
    • Event items that will be unusable will be discarded after the event ends or when the manufacturing options are deleted. Make sure you used all the collected items throughout the duration of the Independence Day Events.
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