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    Incendium Claw

    A mercenary organization called Ignis Crow had a infamous leader named Incendia. He was armed with a Weaponized Prosthetic Claw that could expel flames hot enough to melt mountains. Lucky survivors of the Incendium Claw stated that the battlefield became nothing but a molten wasteland. Equip the infamous Incendium Claw and melt your enemies to ash!

    Special Passive: Overheat
    [Heat blasts will -85 of the user's HP but apply a buff that gives +1 Str, +1 Spd, and +5 Crit that last for 3 seconds. Duration Resets with each blast. For every blast past +8 Str, +8 Spd, and +40 Crit, the HP Consumption will double]

    Classes: All Except Shaman.
    "Since the claw was created using Android technology, an Android has no issue utilizing the Claw. But...those Shamans seem to resist the claw's influence, making it practically useless..."

    Transformation Reference

    Similar to the 'L460' Exocore, when transformed, 'Incendium Claw' will be on the players Left Arm and a smoke trail will be present.

    Combo List:
    - KKKKK
    - KPKK
    - Kg
    Does not change Equipped Scroll's Punch Combos

    K*KKK*K [Ghast Flame Combo]
    Damage Value: 123 - 87 - 104 - 140 - 203
    Attributes: [Overheat]

    Fire a heat blast from the Claw and lunge at the enemy. Swipe the claw to the left and do a quick back-step while simultaneously firing another heat blast. Finish with a haste dash at the enemy and knock them forward.

    K*P*KK* [Dive Overheat Burst]
    Damage Value: 123 - 98 - 189 - 96 x5
    Attributes: [Dodge, Overheat]
    Fire a blast and dive roll past the enemy to claw at their waste and then proceed to fire 5 consecutive heat blasts.

    Kg* [Break Quake]
    Damage Value: 285
    Attributes: [Ground Hit]

    Smash the ground with your Claw to break the ground around you. Very similar to 'Dark Powers' Kg, but has a slight smaller horizontal hitbox but a slightly larger vertical hitbox.

    Skill V: Burst Eruption
    SP Consumption: 46 SP

    Skill Cooldown: 3 Seconds
    # of Hits: 6
    Damage Value: 273 x3

    The user creates 3 separate explosions from the Claw that burst around the player. Each explosion is block-able. The explosions hit the enemy into the air 3 times, and have a similar hitbox to 'Arcane Gauntlet' charged B skill. The user will have full invincibility frames while the skill is active and a few extra after the skill is finished for a quick escape.

    Skill B: Flare Ignite
    SP Consumption: 85 SP
    Skill Cooldown: 3 Seconds

    # of Hits: 6
    Damage Value: 185 x5 - 233

    The user ignites a molten flame directly in front of their vicinity. The skill hits 5 times and the final hit puts enemies airborne (although too low to juggle afterwards). The Skill is block-able but if an enemy is close enough the final hit can breach the back.

    Skill B[Charged]: Fusion Flare
    SP Consumption: 85 SP
    Skill Cooldown: 5 Seconds (after skill)
    # of Hits: 9
    Damage Value: 195 - 132 x7 - 203

    The user condenses a volcanic flame from their arm and fires it afterwards. The fireball will travel a few meters in front of the user and proceed to erupt into separate explosions. The entire skill is unblock-able and the final hit launches enemies into the air similar to 'Magma Destroyers' B Skill.

    Based On: Raven Cronwell (Weapon Taker/Veteran Commander) from Elsword[​IMG]
    Created by: Kaffee
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    Nice I support because I like the elsword game alone and the exo looks nice
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    Support! *applauses*

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