[IMPLEMENTED] X-Mas Mint Lamb Set

Discussion in 'Clothing' started by FluffySheep, Nov 8, 2016.

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    (Story time :D)
    Okay so,as you see here is an embarrassing drawing i did on my first design contest and lucky enough i was one of the winners. Something that has been on my mind ever since last year. It may seem silly but it gave me confidence when i ended up being one of the winners. It was between me and another guy. I am not here for him though,he can fight for his set if he wants but I really thought i would get this perm and ik it looks bad form the drawing. nim helped make better colors for this set and made beautiful shoes and gloves to help make this set even better.
    Everyone got the set for 30 days,including me,FluffySheep or now, ign Cereza. I assumed i'd end up getting it but i didn't. The reason i had thought this is because before when i did rc spenders like the elf ears for example,i got them for 30 days and they promised us they'd get the perms in for us. I figured it would be the same but I never got to keep the set nor was my name mentioned in the description. Ofc it happens but even now i keep thinking about it. Even for something ig,i created something and it made me feel better about myself even though it isn't the best or nowhere near.
    It made me feel like i accomplished something. Enough of the feelings,i kept doubting that i could get it if i asked. my friends kept telling me to go and send a ticket. i did it once but i was told they couldn't get to the forums to see if it was really so,if i was being truthful or what-not. The forums are not able to be brought back up but i have my horrible drawings before the set was experimented on and made completed. I thought about it yesterday and talked to one of my good friends about it. He said there might be away it could be brought up.. I want my set perm.
    Rf wont be forever but i want to feel good about myself with something i created. My first design event. Thank you for reading and i hope i wasn't boring to whoever read this,it just feels nice to be able to tell people. I am sure you all understand in some way. If i have wasted your time,i am sorry. If not,thanks for being kind and understanding. ^^
    ANYWAY! I would want more timed versions at least until the set is put into a rc spender and offically made perm in system or w.e. That is all i ask! I will 1 v 1 ewe for it! D:<
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