Ice Breakers: 3 vs 3 Tournament

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    Prove that you have what it takes.


    Congratulations to IGNs Stardust, Ziggy, and V on becoming the "Ice Breakers Tournament Champions"!


    Shatter your foes during this year's "Ice Breakers 3vs3 Teams Tournament". The snow and ice don't stand a chance when heated fists clash on the battlefield. Recruit your strongest allies to claim victory over all.

    Change Log 02/05 - The Sacred Scroll "Destroyer" was removed from the scroll ban list as the additional ground projectile from "Wind Shooter" was fixed.

    Tournament Sign-Ups
    This is a three-versus-three tournament. If you and your teammates are ready to brawl, head on over to the link below to get yourself started. Please ensure that you fill up the necessary sign up details. If you are already logged into your forum account, some details will have already been auto-filled for you.
    • Team Captains will sign up for the tournament and be provided the unique server invitation link on behalf of their team.
      • You may list an optional substitute player on the sign up form, but that player cannot substitute the team captain or be listed in a separate team.
      • Discord Tags are case-sensitive and cannot be non-unicode (meaning the tags should be able to be typed normally)
      • Level Requirement for all participants is 15.
        • Your substitute should be ready to play at all times.
        • If you have no substitute, you can leave the box blank.


    Sign ups will last from January 27th 18:00 PST - February 2nd 18:00 PST.

    Sign Up Rules:
    • Your team's Discord tags are required to sign up for this tournament as each team will be given a unique invitation link.
    • In-game name changes at any time before or during (including prize distribution process) will result in an automatic forfeit of your team’s slot in the tournament.
    • Using alternate accounts to sign up or list as a substitute into the tournament will not be allowed. If you are caught, you will be barred from receiving any applicable prizes.
    • Please note that once you have signed up on behalf of your entire team, you will not be able to change it afterwards either through the forums, Discord, or the Support Tickets.
    • If your entire team is not present in the server, you will not receive your match details.
    Official Tournament Referees:
    • [GM]Shadow
    • [GM]Kyubi
    • [TA]Fang
    • [TA]Support
    • [TM]Happy
    • [TM]Ztar
    • [TM]Sou
    • [TM]MrBurns
    • [RF Tournament]
    Tournament Details

    Sign-Up Duration: January 27th - February 2nd

    Starting Date: February 5th, 2021 (Fri) 5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST
    Your first match information will be given to you on Discord no later than Thursday, February 4th @ 3:45PM PST.

    The tournament will be conducted on Friday & weekends only (except in special instances, such as semi-finals & finals) to fit in with busy school & work schedules. The time in between sign ups and the next match should be devoted to strategizing a game plan to beat down your future opponents.

    If you have general questions regarding the tournament, moderators/referees will be able to assist you on Discord. For privacy reasons and our ongoing effort to reduce any risk of targeted attack towards any participants, matches will not be streamed except for the semi-finals & finals match.

    Could not sign up in time? You can still follow the tournament in the main Rumble Fighter Discord server here:

    The tournament matches will be determined under these rulings:
    • Double Elimination Format
      • This format works where you will be placed in a separate bracket if you lose a match once. However, as the name suggests - once your team has been eliminated twice, you will be wiped out of the tournament.
    • Main Bracket: Friday & Saturday
    • Losers' Bracket: Saturday / Sunday
    Tournament Rules
    • The following game mode will be used: Regular Battle Mode (Teams)
    • Teams found to be revealing their match details will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • If non-participants are found revealing match details, they will be given a ban or mute mask for 7 days. Subsequent attempts will result in an extended punishment.
    • No pouch items may be used, except an Omni Sensor.
    • Avalon Drivers cannot be used.
    • Any item that revives or resurrects your character cannot be used.
    • Players may not begin the fight until all moderators have suicided. In maps that moderators cannot jump off the map (no edge), players MUST wait until the moderators have 0 HP (using Marang Ninjitsu).
    • Any and all tactics to delay your death such as : “Z Stall”, “Air Climbing” will result in a warning and will give the opposing team an additional point.
    • Scroll Restrictions
      • Each team member must use a different scroll. (For example, you cannot use 2 White Fang)
        • All Black Friday Themed Scrolls
        • All RE, SE or Summer Festival Themed Scrolls
        • Another Avenger
        • Black Dragon
        • Blood Dragon
        • Choy Li Fut
        • Mystic Arts
        • Parkour
        • Pencak Silat
        • Sage Master
        • Savate
        • Shadow Ninjitsu
        • Spike
        • Tempest
        • Viper - currently bugged.
        • Wicked Flare
        • Wind Shooter
        • Yellow Dragon
        • Ascended Scrolls can be used, but you must still be under the below stat restrictions.
    • ExoCore Restrictions
      • Each team member must use a different ExoCore. (For example, you cannot use 2 Devil Shadow)
        • All Boss Mode ExoCores
        • All Black Friday Themed ExoCores
        • All Summer Festival Themed ExoCores
        • Alkane
        • Attack Booster
        • Blood Lord
        • Blood Mage
        • Bracelet of Elementalist
        • Bracelet of Elementalist (BK)
        • Cancer
        • Capricornus
        • Dark Power
        • Destructive Staff
        • Incinerate - currently bugged.
        • Golden Blaze
        • Marang
        • Metatron - Black Tortoise Bow
        • Metatron - Blue Dragon Sword
        • Metatron - Vermilion Phoenix Sword
        • Metatron - White Tiger Spear
        • Nightmare Claw
        • Phantomcore Custom
        • Poseidon
        • Rusty's Flask
        • Sword of the Commander
        • Tactical Bow
    • Stat Restrictions
      • STR, ARM & SPD must be 45 or below
      • JMP must be 30 or below
      • HP must be 3500 or below
      • SP must be 550 or below
      • CRI (Assassin) must be 50 or below
        • If you are not Assassin, your limit is 100 or below
    • The use of Rune Book buffs is not allowed. However should you accidentally have one, you cannot have the following buffs:
      • Tyrant's Gauntlet (STR)
      • Determination of Fatality (CRI)
      • Marble of Storm (SP)
    • Prizes may be lost if you do not show up to your appointment without any prior notice to the GM or moderators.
    • You will be e-mailed the unique server link used for the tournament.
      • Please ensure that your team's Discords match the one provided in the sign up form. Only Team Captains will be able to provide their team the server link.
    General Tournament Rules
    • Keep flaming and trash talk to a minimum. Tilt tactics will not be tolerated under official tournaments.
    • In-game name changes after you have signed up will forfeit any prizes or qualification into the tournament.
    • Cheating in any form will result in automatic disqualification and removal of your prizes on your account, and in some instances may result in a ban. Cheating is, but not limited to:
      • glitching
      • any form of hacking
      • having another player log into your account to play for you
      • using hacked or exploited item sets or stats.
    • Tournament participants MUST respect GMs and moderators that are running the tournament. This applies to megaphone messages and Discord, as well. Any unnecessary and inappropriate behavior or language aimed towards the moderators will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Offenses will be dealt with as followed:
      • First offense: A formal warning to cease reported issue(s)
      • Second offense: Disqualification from tournament and removal of prizes (tiered and/or participation)
      • Subsequent offenses: 30 day Account Ban
    • Absence and Disconnection Clause:
      • In the case that the full team is absent from their allotted time without any prior notice to a GM or moderator, the team will be automatically disqualified from the tournament after a 10 minute grace period. Their opponents will receive an automatic victory and proceed to the next round.
      • Disconnections caused in the lobby, loading screen, and/or scoreboard will not result in any penalties. However, disconnections during the match(es) will result in a point penalty per rounds disconnected from, awarding the opposing team an advantage for the match.
      • If your team has a substitute specified, they will be expected to show up to play within the grace period window.
    • Rescheduling your appointment will only be allowed under these circumstances:
      • Your team, opponent team, and moderators agree to reschedule. By default, your match appointment will be pushed to the end of the matches for the day so as not to interfere with other appointments. (If that is not available, then it will be up to moderator's discretion.)
      • If there is a huge emergency that requires an emergency rescheduling. Please contact GM/TA/TMs with your explanation via Forums PM or Discord. Additionally you may send a support ticket, but the latter forms of communication are recommended for emergencies.

    For all questions, comments, or concerns regarding this tournament, please head over to the discussion page.
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    Tournament Prizes
    Please note that your substitute will not receive any of the prizes if he/she did not play in a match in the tournament.
    Prizes are accumulative except for RedFox Credits.
    Discord Roles will only be given should you be in the Rumble Fighter Discord Server.

    Grand Prize:
    • "Gladiator Set" or "Knight of Death Set" (per player)
    • Orichalcon Coupon Package
    • 2,500 RC
    • 500,000 Carat Coupon
    • Forum Title & Discord Role: Dominator of the Ice
    Runner-Up Prize:
    • Spartan / Lion of the Desert / Frostguard / Storm Punisher Set Package (M/F)
    • Orichalcon Coupon Package
    • 1,500 RC
    • 100,000 Carat Coupon
    • Forum Title & Discord Role: Challenger of the Ice
    Top 50% Prize:
    • Iron Slam Title
    • Orichalcon Coupon Package
    • 500 RC
    • 50,000 Carat Coupon
    • 3,000 Medal Coupon
    • Custom Discord Role: Fire & Ice
    Participation Prize:
    • Orichalcon Coupon
    • 10,000 Carat Coupon
    • 1,000 Medal Coupon
    • Custom Discord Role: Ice Breakers Tournament Participant
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    Thank you all for your patience in the distribution. All rewards from the "Ice Breakers Tournament" have now been distributed. Please check your inventory for the items and let us know if you are missing anything.

    P.S. "Lion of the Desert" Set was given out as individual pieces to omit duplicates.
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