Hwarin's Signature Costume Bundle Box

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    The Hwarin's Signature Costume Bundle Box awaits you in the Marketplace. The box will give you a variety of useful items – and if luck is on your side, you might even receive all rare items!

    Hwarin's Signature Costume Bundle Box:
    • New Hwarin's Signature Costume Box (100% chance)
      • Hwarin's Signature Costume Box (M, F, 30 Days)
      • Luxury Hanbok Costume (M, F, 30 Days)
      • Red Pierrot Costume (M, 30 Days)
      • Red Alice Costume (F, 30 Days)
    • Anti-PK Potion (2) (100% chance)
    • Exp Bonus Card (X10) (100% chance)
    • Soul Stone (10) (100% chance)
    • Kunlun Boss Accessory Chest (Lv6~10)
    • Sapphire Stone (3)
    • Ultimate Tablet
    • United Spirits Tablet
    • Annihilation Kylin Treasure Box
    • Spirit of the Master Jade Marble
    • Heavenly Demon Pearl Marble

    Sale Notice:
    • The purchase limit is restricted to 1 per account monthly.
    • The Hwarin's Signature Robe is untradeable once opened from the box.
    • Reward items are obtained at a fixed probability -- there is no guarantee that you will get them.
    • Look for these in the "Event/Sale" Section of the in-game RedFox Games Marketplace
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