How about a XO that changes your fighting style into a difference scroll

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    Humm I haven't got a message from Rumble fighter in my Gmail set 2018 I never received the email play Red Foxx. I haven't been been rewarded for purchasing RC or use in it but still looking forward to shoot boxing, black out, king pin or dark side (R,SE,BK,RE or BF LE) Y'all should make 2 more classes to go with saver and assassin one should give you an extra panic and one should be able to take down Health when they defend. Or one that have high cri, and/or luck
    Luck make the possibilities opening boxes for value and receiving coins through Adventure.
    Adventure Island should be free roam Island to build EXP and receive coins also have side missions. there should be Towers where on the Adventure Map that Grant Excel course and Scrolls also stats equipment for a limited time for events permanent.
    There should be a slot available to build a scroll with rules so nothing outrageous is not created. And you should be able to refine Scrolls to make them rare for example if I have blackout and shoot boxing then I refine them I would get lightning or something however if I have Hitman b f l e and Hitman RE I will get Hitman r. Permanent scroll equatorial permanent scroll.
    There also should be more job selections you have a Android but you don't have a cyborg. There should bea job that let you use a weapon as a scroll or a job that Grant you being able to use telekinesis to have weapons floating around you. like shuriken stand fire and be able to fight with it. Or a job that Grant to being able to run on all fours flot or skate. You should be able to go to da Plaza to find hunts wanted posters Mini Mission side missions and main missions and also heal. Need more moving screen stages also more King of the Hill stages. Youshould

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