How about a trading system finnaly

Discussion in 'Etc' started by RamboCreativity, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    Rumble fighter just transfered today and I'm really exicted but how about for once we get a trading system I swear it's transfered twice and with both companies scams are as high as ever WHY HAS NO ONE DONE ANYTHING ABOUT THIS LIKE SERIOUSLY, HAS YOUR EVIL PLAN TO HAVE US GET SCAMMED BY BUTTHOLES ON THE INTERNET AND COME RUNNING TO YOU, SO YOU CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT
    so pleas redfox please give us a trading system so we can just trade money in such instead of relying souly on people we don't know to legitely trade us. And don't give me this "only trade with trusted players" crap you do all the time how about you put some effort into a trading system instead of giving us a warning. We've been asking for one since OG planet.

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