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    We are excited to announce a new Rebirth 12 Heavenly Paradise War is here. Four random teams will represent the Four Guardians in battle for team supremacy and Bloodstained Points!

    Heavenly Paradise Entry Requirements:
    • Players must be Rebirth 12 Level 100% EXP to enter the Heavenly Paradise War
    • Must have a Paradise Pass which can be acquired via Herbalist_NPC for CP(100) + 1 Silver.
    • Heavenly Paradise War Entry will use 1 Paradise Pass per 1 Round and cannot be restored under no circumstances once activated.
    • Once Paradise Pass is acquired you must activate it > Heavenly Paradise Pass (Round 1)
    • ONLY Rebirth 12 can use the Paradise Pass Item and join Heavenly Paradise War
    • Unable to join the Heavenly Paradise War if you are in a part, reached max participant capacity, or after the entry window is closed at 19:00
    • Go to the Guard Captain_NPC to enter the Heavenly Paradise
    Heavenly Paradise War Process:
    • Heavenly Paradise War will start at 19:00 PST (Server Time) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Time change due to The Labyrinth times schedule
    • Heavenly Paradise War Entry will start at 18:45 PST (Server Time)
    • There will be Four Guardian Teams: White Tiger, Blue Dragon, Red Sparrow, and Great Turtle
    • Each Teams will be chosen at random upon player entry.
    • Heavenly Paradise War will last approximately 1 Hour
    • The Team with the most points will win the war when Heavenly War Ends
    • Players can gain 1 Team Point per 1 PVP Kill and 10 Team Points/Team Score accumulated for destroying the Team Guardian Stone
    • Each of the Four Guardian Teams will have its own Guardian Stone Statues at their designated base that can be destroyed by the other teams
    • Each team Guardian Team Stone will regenerate approximately 15 mins once it has been destroyed. Once regenerated the Guardian Team Stone can be destroyed again by the other teams.
    • Several System Message prompts will appear once the Stones are destroyed or regenerated
    • No party and only team chat will be allowed during Heavenly Paradise War
    • The Guardian Team with the most points at the end of the Heavenly Paradise War wins!
    • If there is a Draw/Tied Team Points NO Bloodstained point win will be awarded to either Teams make sure your team wins.
    • 1 Bloodstained point will be rewarded to the winning team.
    • Check out our Bloodstained Shop Update post for more details regarding the Bloodstained Points.

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