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    Heaven Jade Chest 16

    The Heaven Jade Chest 16 is a random chest that contains one of the following items. Only items in the list below can be acquired.
    • Auto Buff Scroll (7 Days) [Automatically Applied]
    • Sky Lord's Holy Feed (900 Min) [Automatically Applied]
    • Absorption Pill (600 Min) [Automatically Applied]
    • White Feather - Wings craft material.
    • Black Feather - Wings craft material.
    • Golden Feather - Wings craft material.
    • Bronze Bar - Worth 100 Million Silver Jeon.
    • Silver Bar - Worth 500 Million Silver Jeon.
    • Ancient Platinum (15%) - enchant your equipment by (15%).
    • Platinum Upgrade Stone - Advanced UpLv exclusive upgrade stone.
    • Herbal Medicine Box
    • Expansion Pill Box - Required G12 to consume.
    • Diamond - Jewel that you can insert to the gear
    • Silver Jade Stone - Combination material for Cloak Gold Jade Stone.
    • Gold and Silver Stone - Equipment craft material
    • Genuine Jade - Material to refine items.
    • Proustite – Use to Refine (Increase success chance 5% & decrease fail chance 5%)
    • Mount Box(15%) - Acquire 1 mount with 15% upgrade rate.
    • Fahrenheit Jade - A rare jade. Can be use in various ways
    • Mount's Spirit - Material item for crafting mounts.
    • Earth Chest - Receive a random warlord item(R)
    • Heaven Chest - Receive a random warlord item(E)
    • Stats Increase Pill - Can proceed Rebirth 1 time without consuming CP.
    • Holy Mount Stone - Add additional stat on a mount. The existing stats of the mount will change to another stats or value.
    • Pet Box - Receive a random pet
    • Guardian Chest – Contains a random guardian pet
    • Bloody Cape Box – Contains a bloody cape
    • God of Fist Title Ticket can increase your Title Rank pass through
      • Title Rank 12th (L12) > Title Rank 13th (M) > Title Rank 14th (H)
      • Requires 10000CP each additional + Rank. Total of 20000CP to reach Rank 14th (H)
    • Frozen Antlers
    • Unk Blizzard Rudolph
      • Critical Damage Rate Refine Value is set at 15%
      • HP Value Range 11 – 20%
      • Damage Value Max 20%
    • Unk Xmas Rudolph
      • Critical Damage Rate Refine Value is set at 15%
      • HP Value Range11 – 20%
      • Defense Value Max 20%
    Blizzard Rudolph Mount (Elite)
    Xmas Rudolph Mount (Elite)
    Xmas Rudolph.jpg

    Find the Heaven Jade Chest (16) in the "Misc" section of the Item Shop for a limited time!
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    please bring back HJC that containt 8th skill book because the fujin faction was the most of 8th skill and guan or jin none of have the 8th skill active, its make the HSB game not balance anymore
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    i agree, bring back WG
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    Hi Friend,
    Thank you very much for sharing such a nice post, it is very useful for me and everyone else. I'll be checking out frequently to read your new post, so it's unmissable to keep up.:)
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