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    hey guys.

    so old player returning as well and I have some questions.

    I currently have a low lvl healer I started a couple days ago and I have some questions.

    Bot healer
    and the set you get from RTD quests
    my def is around 2k

    I go to cc to farm as normal and on green and white mobs I can't grind more then 4 or 5 before I have to meditate.

    I am wondering what I can do to change this.

    where can one get leach ornies these days?

    are the 300 def sets worth it? would one help with grinding?

    is there any other way to get the shabby coupons for decos besides the quest in Hefei?

    any general tips for a melee healer? build wise equipment wise and things like that.
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    Feb 1, 2016
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    For melee healer main stats are Dex then str then con.Make con base 30ish and then go 3 dex 1 str.If u want to pvp,at 2nd role u can change it to max dex then con then str depending on what u wanna do.

    For leach ornis it is black market still.Since their is no gold on new sv it is hard to get them.Get premium if u can , the buff helps a ton.

    U have heal so u shouldnt have a problem and axe does biggest dmg for healers.Get to 2nd role and use leach.

    It shouldnt be that hard imo, only classes with a problem is nukers mostly and sometimes warr.As healer if u med for hp then u are doing something wrong.

    After each mob use heal?Max your buffs.

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