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    Kazahk Kuresi. Most people probably never even fought this scroll. Its been out for quite some time now. I can't justify the use of any other of the scrolls in the family of "wrestling" and "grapple" scrolls, asides from volador & el luchador. Those 2 are pretty unique in many ways, But I do not think they can be considered as good as Kazakh. This is really the God of Grapple Scrolls.

    You literatly have so much control of pressure. Your CzP can stop all harassment and force your opponent into movement or punishment. Every single grab, counter, grab-type hit all give you the advantage in-frames and even the opponents back. The rear grab is simular to the lucha family+wrestling, but it turns you around giving you time advantage and not having your back exposed after it. This scroll is sitting in my top 10 for the current scroll rankings.

    PPPP: Good combo to sometimes mix it up. Safer than PPKKK combo if you do not have nanmu left. Its also your best choice if theres multiple enemies infront of you.

    PPKKK: The go to combo. High damage, Gives you opponents back. Easy to break into a nanmu also. Decently safe to stop mid combo and pressure in 1v1 situations.

    KKK: The first kick leaps foward. Amazing to pressure in combat and lock people down from movement. The rest of the combo is relatively fast and has amazing angle capabilities. Good for putting an opponent in a place you want them. Its also amazing in edge situations, can be done in a juggle or combo on a moon bridge to angle them off. Also, can break into nanmu easily.

    KKP: The final input has some recovery to it, allowing you to punish panic sometimes. Its a fairly safe hit-stun. Gives you enough time to juggle also.

    KP: The quick knockback. Use only when you need it to get that quick edge. KKK is a better choice due to its hitbox and anti-air panic capabilities.

    Cz: The CZ on this scroll has no I-frames. However people tend to run away or not strike you because of the dashing. People tend to predict where you go and try to punish you, or take the beating. Can be used to juke. You also have time to delay and do CzP or CzK so you can very well indeed punish people who dont react to your Cz.

    CzP: The sauce of this scroll. This create so much pressure, because you can willingly take a hit or two and return it twofold. You get to roam around and they have to do a whole animation on the ground. Its amazing for edging, for pressuring, from stopping your enemy in his greatest attemps. There are tons of ways of using this.

    CzK: An amazing ground hit. I like the flow to it. Can be chained to most combos easily. Has good stun. Can be switched out to CzP at any time too.

    RunZ: A really fast run & punch launcher. Can punish people who recovery roll easily, it can also punish someone who misses anything very easily.


    KKP P P PPKKK CzK: Main damage juggle of choice.

    If you have more than 1 enemy and want to maximize damage.

    KKP P P KKK CzK: If you want to angle off a enemy with a juggle.

    KKP KP CzK: The quickest juggle possible to try and get a desperate quick kill.

    KKP P P PPKKK/V+PPPPPPPPP: Adv 1 (Highest DMG)


    >>Z P P PPKKK CzK:
    RunZ Punishment Launcher

    The luxury of this scroll is that its actually good anywhere you put it. It has insane damage. It has insane pressure in every situation. It can leap with its huge and jumpy hitbox into a crowd or even keep pressure onto a single player. You can control the fight so much easier with this scroll and using its tools compared to the requirement of brute skill.

    1v1: You're going to want to treat your nanmu like your precious. This will force the opponent to respect you in combat. A full advance nanmu is alot of damage. Its no joke. You can even nanmu off of PPKKK as a combo and make that one combo be worth more than 1K HP. You can also do full combos and pressure your enemy into holding block, better yet make him scared if he has no panic. The fact the PPKKK and KKK end in grab hits means you can break them with nanmu and instantly strike-back with 0 cooldown/recovery. The Counter is basically the CzP animation. It does insane damage for what it is and lets you walk free before your enemy.

    CzP can be broken by nanmu also as it is a grab type. You can cheese a CzP super armor buff, break it once the hit is avoided and nanmu. CzP can also be used to harass people who don't savor. It can absorb roll and kill and strike them back down. The only way to avoid it is being high enough with a jump but you can control them on the recovery game if you can predict.

    To control the fight, you will want to abuse of this scrolls greatest feature that is on almost on everything this scroll had. The ability to gain the advantage over every single frame. Both grabs let you move before the enemy is done with the frames of the grab. The PPKKK and KKK animations not only give you the same time advantage, but you get the back-side of your opponent. You can get in a free combo if they savor. If they do not savor, you get in your ground hit and control pressure even harder. Your CzP can mess so hard with their recovery game. You can also chase a recovery roll with >>Z and get a juggle in, Finish with PPKKK and get back into the situation advantage for example. You're never going to want to end with KP or PPPP. Nanmu should be saved until you are sure you will end the fight, save yourself and if you have a feeling in your gut saying that its extremely worth it to get that movement/damage on him in the moment.

    This scroll controls tight spaces very well. Keep your opponents in tight spaces with corners or objects.

    Moon: Your going to want to this somewhat like the 1v1 section, because face it; you'll end up in these situations on many games. However, The real gem here is KP and KKK mixed in with alot of grabs. The pressure combined of deadly omni grabs, a controlling CzP and a deadly KKK and KP kill potential anywhere on the map should have people constantly stressed of facing you. You can literatly almost "Rock-Paper-Scissors" type of kill everytime you engage depending on which you pick vs your opponents choice. Just remember, Do not run off with Counter+P/CzP, KKK and PPKKK will only hit 1 player and that KP/PPPP can smack multiple off the map. Your CzP is amazing at denying the high ground of players. It hits players in the air, doesn't make you go with them and pushes them just as far as a ram that can't be panic'd.

    Teams: You need to take in consideration your team, players cant combo off your PPKKK and KKK.
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