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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lkindere, Mar 17, 2023.

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    Mar 12, 2023
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    I am curious about the general gear progression in the game, currently I am using GCM clothes set and got a base reaper weapon, supposedly getting 4 blue spendor stones to upgrade the weapon costs billions.

    What are some better gear I could aim for that is attainable for someone who doesn't have that kind of money? What do you recommend grinding for further on? Any tips appreciated.
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    Jan 20, 2016
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    Ancient Moonlight set.
    After that aim for Adam/Mountain set, it will only take you like 1 year to farm the 15billions - 25billions (depending on your time you invest ofc) if you dont pay for credits and sell them to players.
    Also dont play Warrior class if you plan to archive IS1+ in under a year :D

    This game is f**ed up so hard.. events are made only for the top 10% players and item mall Payers.

    Dont even think about PvP if you dont invest like 10k$+++ and even if you do PvP will be like 1hit kill or 1hit dead.
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    Stick with Reaper wepon (last upgrade before 4 bss) it good enough for now.
    1.Top 1 priority -> get Fire & Ice marble lvl 3 asap! arround ~300 kk each (this relics coasts 6-7 bill before event) they are great!
    2.Next get AM set ~ 60-70 kk per part -> prety cheap % good set.
    3. Get KL 6s set ~ 2 B hole set - > prety cheap & good.
    ^ Get pet lvl 4 ~ 60-70 kk in order to use 40 % frop rate buff.
    4.This 1st 3 B gold could be farmed in Red CC for 1 weekend ~ 6h per day, if its too much for 1 weekend than continie next one.
    5.Find good & friendly band to suport & teach you the game

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