[Gameplay Bug] Masteries unclickable [FIXED]

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    Summary: Masteries become unclickable after hitting the ESC key on the keyboard. The tool tips do not show up when being hovered over.
    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Click on a mastery in which you cannot invest points (e.g Bracers Mastery in the screenshots)
    2. Press ESC on the keyboard when the popup shows up.
    3. Masteries do not show tooltips and are not clickable anymore.
    Frequency: Very Attempt I do it happens
    : 1
    System Specs
    : System specs do not matter for this bug
    • Screenshot for step 1
    • upload_2021-8-21_2-21-16.png
    • Screenshot for step 2
    • upload_2021-8-21_2-21-29.png

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