[Gameplay Bug] Elixir Consumption Deletion [Fixed]

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    • Summary: When taking an elixir a small bar appears above your characters head indicating the time remaining to consume the elixir. If you are attacked at any point DURING the bar, you fail. This is intended, but the bug is that upon failure the ENTIRE stack of elixirs is deleted instead of 1.
    • Screenshots: [​IMG]
    • Steps to Reproduce: Start consuming an elixir. Once the bar seen in the screenshot above appears atop your characters head, have the consumption interrupted by a mob. The entire stack of that elixir in your inventory will be deleted instead of 1.
    • Frequency: 1/1
    • Severity: 5
    • System Specs:
    • Additional Notes: You have to wait until the cast bar with "Consuming Elixir" is shown before being interrupted. Otherwise it will not trigger the bug.
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    You're the best around here, db, I really appreciate you. And I mean it for real, I'm serious. Sorry for being offtopic/spamming? but I felt someone had to say it.
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    This bug has been fixed. You will now see a system message that says, "You cannot use an Elixir while you are being attacked."

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