Free 3 Hainan Passes

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    I don't know the exact level requirement of this quest but i got this quest when i logged a HI12 char.

    The quest appeared when i logged after Hainan map was opened.
    2020August20 14-01-57.jpg

    Quest info + rewards.
    2020August20 14-02-14.jpg
    2020August20 14-02-17.jpg

    The NPC at Potala Palace Entrance where you can continue the quest.
    2020August20 14-03-46.jpg

    You will be asked to go to your clan leader (depends which clan are you in).
    2020August20 14-03-55.jpg

    Quest item from Potala Npc.
    2020August20 14-04-23.jpg

    Continue the quest by talking to your respective clan leader.
    2020August20 14-05-39.jpg

    Quest rewards.
    2020August20 14-05-52.jpg

    Another similar quest will popup.
    2020August20 14-05-54.jpg

    Part 2 quest info/rewards.
    2020August20 14-06-22.jpg

    Enjoy Exploring Hainan Island!
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    I confirmed lv HI2 230. You have quest this.
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