Flash in the Past Sale (2021)

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    Did you missed out on some of the previously released sale boxes? In celebration of Thanksgiving and Black Friday we are bringing back some of the past sale boxes for a limited time! Make sure to check out our Flash in the Past Sale with a new Thanksgiving Gift Box!

    Sale Duration: November 23, 2021, after maintenance - December 2021, before maintenance

    Flash in the Past Sale Items:


    Click on the link above for each of the box contents post. All the Flash in the Past Sale boxes will be located in the "Accessory" section of the Item Shop!
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    Dear GM Ryu,
    I've already posted this on suggestion section, but let me just add it here too. Incase you guys doesn't check any suggestions there.
    My suggestion is, could you guys add the reset exp scroll for g11 sitters? There's no way we can could stop the exp, only hold it for too long.
    We need it for g11 sitters like me who wants to sit forever. Hope you do something about it.

    Show us you still care about this server. By giving this requested item. Thanks

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