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    The winner is not always determined at the start of the battle. Come and fight to earn great prizes!

    Haunted Fisticuffs Fridays!
    BOO! Happy Halloween, Fighters!
    Moderators for this event will be [CA]Ztar & [CA]Embers.


    Prize List:
    Players may choose from two prizes listed below.
    • Players that equip the <Gothic Red Rose Silver Set> acquired from <The Splendid Rose> Event will be eligible to select three prizes.
      • The set must be equipped before the moderator joins the room.
    • Halloween Special Edition
      • Dirty (Scroll)
      • Dullahan (ExoCore)
      • Darkness (ExoCore)
      • Wolf Mask (White)
      • Wolf Mask (Brown)
      • Wolf Mask (Black)
      • Zombie Mask
      • Iron Fiend Mask
      • Goblin Dog Mask
      • Ghostly Eyes
      • Devilish Aura (50 Uses)
    • Game Supportive Items
      • 50,000 Carats Coupon
      • 1,000 Medals Coupon
      • 3 Orichalcon Coupons
      • 3 Proof of Passions
      • 2 Ascended Scroll Boxes
      • 2 Good Luck Mix Chests
    • Special Prizes (changes monthly):
      • Seductive (Mouth)
      • Lovely Smile (Mouth)
      • Jacko Helmet 2 (30 Days)
    Participation Prize:
    • 1 Halloween Skeleton Box

    "Fisticuffs - Halloween Edition" Rules:
    • Regular Fisticuffs rules apply. Moderators will only join rooms with 7/8 listed on them.
      • The game mode will only be "Round Winner".
    • Room Masters must create a Regular Battle (Single) room with 8 players.
    • As GMs/moderators will be wearing their Halloween Costume, players may not request an item from their set that is not listed in today's prize selection.
    • The only ExoCores that can be used are listed below, which can all be obtained in the Medal Shop should a player not possess a permanent version.
      • Devil Giant
      • Vicious
      • Marionette
      • Devil Shadow
      • Relentless Mace
    • Only maps available for this event are Abandoned Graveyard, Basseterre Bridge & Magma Tomb.
      • Rooms must contain any three of these maps only.

    Special Raffle For this Week:
    Every participant in Fisticuffs will be entered in the raffle to win one of four raffle prizes.
    This means, if you play with a [GM] during Fisticuffs, you're automatically entered to win this prize!​


    When does this happen?
    October 28, 2022 from 5:00 PM PDT to 6:30 PM PDT.
    Fisticuffs Rules:
    • You may only win once per event.
    • Players that have already won in the game, must not interfere for the remainder of the match. This means that you must fall off the map, or remain in a corner away from other players. Failure to do so will forfeit your prize and disqualify you from that week's Fisticuffs.
      • A GM or Moderator will inform players to no disrupt the rest of the match in-game.
    • Round Winner Rules - Resurrection and revives are not allowed, Total Round Winner will be applied (explained below) for potentially 4 winners.
      • The use of ExoCores, other than those mentioned above will not be allowed.
    • Rare Scrolls will be allowed.
    • If players would like to switch out their Fisticuffs prize, they will need to do so before the prizes are distributed (which will normally be within 3-5 business days). Any requests after the distribution will be denied.
    • You may not give your reward to someone else.
    • Extreme vulgar language or harassment to a player or moderator will be met with disqualification and, possibly, an account ban.
    • Players reported for constantly taking the spot reserved for the GM will have their prize (winning and/or participation) taken away, and will potentially receive a temporary ban.
    • Abuse of resurrection in Round Winner will be disqualified.
    • Failing to comply with the GM/Moderator will be warned and disqualified after multiple warnings.
    • You can only request prizes that are listed for that day.
    • Changing your IGN before prizes are distributed will omit your prize. Please send a ticket if you change your IGN or if you did not receive the prize.
    • No hacking is allowed.


    • Using multiple accounts to win or play Fisticuffs.
    • Using multiple accounts to increase your chances in Fisticuffs in any specific room.
    • Winning more than once per Fisticuffs (1 win per account).
    • If you are caught with fraud, your prizes will be stripped from all of your accounts. Subsequent attempts will result in an increasing account ban for each attempt.
    Prize Distribution:
    Within 1-3 business days after the event.

    As this thread will remain closed, please direct all comments and questions over to our Fisticuffs Discussion Thread.
  2. Starberry

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    Jan 29, 2016
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    Prizes for the Halloween special Fisticuffs has been delivered.

    Please check your inventories for your prizes, thank you.
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