Fear! - Exocore version of EMP Bomb

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    Fear/Voltage - Exo-core Version of EMP Bomb
    Description :
    Found in the rubble of Alchemist City was a utility belt, containing multiple components to an unknown device. After a diagnosis and assembly from Alchemists Ellen and Vice, an exocore with multiple forms of handheld ammunition was formed. Manipulate and cripple the enemy while supporting your team with the power of electricity!

    V skill : Quickly crouches and sets an EMP Bomb (electric glow) shoved into the ground.
    Explosion will knock enemies backwards similar to the DOT exocore's V skill
    + disable their HUD for 10 seconds.
    Works similar to Prankster's V skill

    B skill : Throw out an electric bomb in front of yourself, stunning ememies or
    exploding on impact to the ground. Disables enemy SP usage for 5 seconds.

    Charged B skill : After 2.5 seconds of charging, your character will throw out
    4 bombs, rapidly bombarding the area in front of them, draining SP
    + knocking down any unlucky opponent in their path.
    SP Drain ; -60 per bomb

    GIF Note : Occurs as 4 bombs in the actual exocore, not 8 as shown
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