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    A Comrade is a new-style companion with gifted skills and abilities that increase your character stats to aid you during battle. To celebrate the new system, we're holding an event that offers support boxes for everyone that participates!

    You have until April 20th to submit your entry, but please take a moment to read through the details to see how to submit them.

    How to Participate
    • Recruit a minimum of two Comrade and level it up to Defender (Low) Rank 1.
    • Submit a ticket using the provided format below.
    • Rewards will be distributed immediately to your character inventory once verify.

    • Two Comrade, Defender (Low) Rank 1 - Two Aid Boxes
    • Four Comrade, Defender (Low) Rank 1 - Four Aid Boxes + One Comrade Package (Low)
    • Six Comrade, Defender (Low) Rank 1 - Six Aid Boxes + Comrade Package (High)

    Ticket Format

    Please use this form when submitting a ticket.
    • Subject: Comrade Level Up Event
    • Type: Etc
    • Description: Character & Server Name: (Your character and server name)

    Rules & Restrictions:
    • Participants must submit a ticket to be entered.
    • Participants can submit a maximum of one entry per account.
    • Any accounts found abusing the event will be disqualified.
    • Prizes will be granted as-is to the submitted account; no substitutions will be offered and we will not transfer your prize to a different account.
    • The contest entry period begins at 6:00 PM PDT March 26th and ends at 6:00 PM PDT April 20th.
    • Keep the thread clean; off-topic will be deleted.
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    ur kidding me right??
    how about first more people get some of those and not only the vvvip spenders?
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    GM i am just saying this but getting the United Spirit Tablet in Infinite Dungeon NPC store for 1million point to make "Liu Sha Rung" is impossible in 1 month so how is ppl gonna get that 6 comrade reward? should make a reasonable reward for having at least 1-2-3-4-5-6 comrade. not 2-4-6 comrade. also getting yellow dragon jade is hard to create and making it into "Warmhearted Soul Stone" will also take time. should extend the time to 1month to permanent or something that is reasonable ....
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    OX quiz reward on 4/3

    Event Schedule:
    • 3/27 Saturday at 8:00 - Ultimate Tablet
    • 4/3 Saturday at 20:00 - United Spirits Tablet
    • 4/10 Saturday at 8:00 - Tian Shan Fire Dragon Marble
    • 4/17 Saturday at 20:00 - Tian Shan Ice Dragon Marble
    Also, 4 weeks is approximately 1 month, just missing a few days. We'll see how the event goes and will update it as time goes by.
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