DROP RATE and LUCK sistem

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by IvanIonut, Sep 16, 2023.

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    Jul 30, 2023
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    GM what is wrong with Drop rate and LUCK in that server ?
    I will hunt 7 day 24/24 in premium map and he drop ONLY VACANTION ITEM , no elite, no pet...nothing good, thats a server only for hacker and sellers for $ ???
    I have luck about 2876 and all time enhance fail or broke on low % percent 99% or 108% , wing craft fail ,rf 7+ fail all time with rp stuff for luck increase , penetrate items for 3rd spot fail all time, cp usage for title fail, open 80 boxes HJC only mats or only autobuff and mount absorb, dias no chance to find elemental...i open maybe 150 vacantion box and no eacgle feather....its incredible and not fun and disguisting to playand try and try for no succes.

    Check and maybe grow up succes rate and drop luck for all if u wanna have more players on this server with real money for charge.
    I will buy some protect charm and i try to enhance my set to 150% if not worth me and my 4 friends we will move our cash to another server.

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