Dragon's Return

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    Exo: Dragon's Return
    Appearance: Flaming aura
    Class: Striker
    [​IMG](Hopefully something like this)
    Price: 50000 Carats
    Attack A
    [​IMG] A dragon comes from your fist destroying your opponent doing a staggering exactly 280 DMG! (sorta like the dragon from the dragon king exo except orange
    and with flame emitters.)

    Attack B
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Launching your opponent into the air with a 120 AOE damage following after with a devestating uppercut doing roughly 440 DMG!
    Total damage 560 DMG... (Also during the uppercut a giant dragon head appears at the top and roars)

    Not knowing what the restrictions are to an exocore I have no idea if this is dealing to much damage or not enough damage please tell be below.

    Attack A: 280
    Attack B: 560

    only if this is possible

    Have the exo replace your grab and counter

    Grab [​IMG]a small fiery explosion comes from the fist doing 80 DMG

    Does 120 Dmg

    I'm sht at making exos I know, is there anything I'm missing?
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