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    Dragon trap maze MainNew Size.png

    We are glad to finally able to have a much needed update to the Dragon Trap Maze by adding in the Abyss Stage 3 as an additional accessible maps upon seizing the Dragon Trap Maze! Get your factions ready and start seizing the Dragon Trap Maze!

    Dragon Trap Maze Details:

    Dragon trap maze Map.png
    • Location: Yanggok Valley Center Map
    • Seize the Dragon Trap Maze from the ruling faction for 5 Minutes continuously by claiming the center point surrounded by the Faction Shields.
    • When the Dragon Trap Maze is seized the Faction will received a Dragon Trap Maze Buff of 10% EXP Gain Increase
    • Accessible areas with two portals will be opened including The Fortress and now the Abyss Stage 3 Map
    Dragon trap maze Abyss.png
    • The Abyss Stage 3 : Only faction members that seized the Dragon Trap Maze can enter. Faction members is also able to enter the ‘Daseba Temple’ via The Abyss Stage3
    • The chance to seize the Dragon Trap Maze comes in approximately 3 hours and 30 mins from the time it was seized.
    • If the another faction seized the Dragon Trap Maze previous faction members without the Fortress remaining time and had previous Abyss Stage 3 access will return to their faction respective main town area.
    • Factions will have to be alert to claim or reclaim the seized Dragon Trap Maze within the Yanggok Valley PVP area.
    UPDATE: 8/19/2021
    The Bloody Demon Village zone is currently closed and cannot be entered due to some reported issues with some of the items being bugged. If you try and enter Bloody Demon Village Zone it will DISCONNECT you in game and might need to reset your log status.

    If you encounter a "Account in use" Error send us a support ticket and we will reset your log in status and will require a restart of your PC in some cases so it's best to not enter the Bloody Demon Village until further notice. Like we mentioned we are currently looking into the issues with the Bloody Demon Village so it will be closed until we are able to address the issues.
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