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For a Servers that serve the game's player ping to ping nature?

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    Jun 17, 2022
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    Hi i'm an oldie, played the game back when it was with GC, OGP.
    I use to like 1v1s, in particular. Glacier 4v4's, Moon. Adv, all game modes really even Demo, although it took some time getting used to.

    My reason for posting this thread isn't because it's something that hasn't been suggested before. but rather because it's something that works. A separate server, for a game that operates on a player ping-to-ping basis, is simplistic and adequate at the least. Expecting EU players to connect to players all the way in the USA, in the beginning, was a major sacrifice as soon as the idea was put forward. and it was a sacrifice not only of the EU Community but of the possible revenue generated to those who currently hold rights to the game.

    I've spent hundreds on this game over the years. But only a small percentage of my gross spending on RF has been during RedFox, and that's because I refuse to really invest in something that doesn't work for me or my community. It's ludicrous to expect us to ping with players often hundreds of thousands of miles away. It would be like merging the USA server into the Taiwan server. it's completely unprofessional and impractical. So GM's and RF right owners, this is a message to you, to let you know you've let us down. We the community and players you've been seeking to serve. You've abandoned us. and for reasons only you know have forced a whole community into a decision that wasn't consensual or good for us. You sacrificed the EU Community the moment you launched a merge that primarily favorites the USA server and Ostrasizes the EU server. all that's left are nomads still willing to log in and make the most of what they can, on a game that clearly doesn't care about them. Simply because they're grown to love it over the years. So this is short of a plea, i'm more just summarizing the state of affairs. no Apology, no Research into the player base, just game-right owners who couldn't empathize with a community that has been made to up and move a number of times now and make sure that those transitions work for the whole player base. and not just the ones within closer geographic proximity to them. Or who may generate higher turnovers..

    I don't know what happens in the future with RF. But this game was a great place and outlet for me growing up. I spent time here which I could've spent elsewhere getting into all sorts of trouble. Maybe Red Fox, you will hold onto this game. only time will tell. but my request is that before anything is decided in the future. that you act now, and right the wrong of closing down a separate server, and giving its players a drop-down menu, and calling that a server of its own. According to you there's Free and then there's Free EU.

    I think I speak for my whole community when I say we would rather be counted simply as Free. with our own downloadable server.


    Thank you.

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