Can´t delete Character 5 Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xJazz, Apr 20, 2022.

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    Again, the 5 day period is to prevent abuse and unfair advantage over the rest of the community.

    The rest of your inquiry is slightly off topic, but the pin code is to protect your own account.
    May we ask what the issue is with picking 3 characters in the login screen?

    Additionally, the players in whole always come first. The majority is to be considered with the minority.
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    Im never here to offend anyone, if thats how you and RF take it so be it. I say how it is. Ive been a part of 9D since Acclaim and have watched the game grow and die over its lifespan. I frequent the forums from time to time and never even post or reply. When it catches my eye and I see something that is just out of this world ridiculously wrong I say something, Ive always been that way and will remain that way.

    I know the rules and if you feel I have broken them, then do to me as you do those that hack/dupe/sell items for IRL, harass players, etc....

    It's been brought to RF's attention over the years of the black market on FB and how items, chars and many other things are sold for a persons own financial gain and (I wish I could find RF's reply about you wont investigate FB pages), has ruined the game. Players have been found to dupe/hack the game and given 3-7 day bans which is "fair and respectful" to all other players?

    Look if your going to treat 1 player one way then treat them all the same! You have allowed hackers/exploiters to remain in game, you have placed a "harassment" announcement inside 9D and yet it still happens and the same people do it daily in game, on the forums and via PM's.

    I could go forth with actions, but what for? Its not worth it and would be a waste of time. Instead of taking action against said players, RF just deletes post or w.e.

    Glad RF cares so much about the player base, that you ask players for ideas or player events and when was the last time you actually honored 1?

    There are so may things RF Ahri (Venus) that you can do to show how much you care, but all that seems to happen is allowing the game to be ruined by not doing something about the Black Market 1st of all, 2nd show more support for harassment to the player base.

    If you choose to ban me, then ok, but ban me for being a azz, not speaking up. I fought for the minority in 9D back in G1-RF, til I saw that RF wasnt going to help and allowed for so many things to be done and thats when I decided to fully quit the game, and just log for hours. I got like 20+ 15 day prems, 2 - 30 day prems, dropped over 2k on my account and a friends last summer, to only quit this game. My accounts just sitting, hoping, praying RF does something to make the game enjoyable and playable for the F2P as well as the casual player.

    Anyways - Back to Destiny 2!
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