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    Before getting started with creating a bug report, please take this moment to take a look whether the issue you're looking to report has not been reported yet on the forums or Discord platform. If you find that your problem has not been reported yet, please submit your report as detailed as possible so that our team can understand, identify and reproduce the bug quickly and forward it in to the developers.

    NEVER attach any private information, such as your billing or account information.

    Please do not submit bug reports of the following topics:
    • Game Servers offline
    • Game Lag or Crashing Issues
    • Graphical Related Issues
    • Loss of Account Access
    • Forgotten Resell Password
    • Unboxing in-game items and not getting the item you want
    Instead, please report these HERE or via a support ticket so that your fellow players can help you out!

    Bug Discussions:
    This forum is not for feedback, discussions, or questions about particular gameplay aspects, and every post that is not a bug detracts from the time we could be spending looking into other issues.

    Issue Clarity:
    Please be clear when describing your issue and in the thread title, as this allows the respective team(s) to follow up and escalate the issue as soon as possible. Please refrain from using thread titles such as (“Please fix!” or “GAME BREAKING BUG!”) as this does not provide us much information to work with. A good question to ask yourself is, “does my thread title summarize the specific issue I’m seeing?”

    How to Post a Bug Report:
    Topic Title

    • A brief summary of the game bug.
    Topic Body
    • Summary: Describe the observed issue in one or 3 sentences.
    • Screenshot or Video: Allows staff & developers to take a close look at what's wrong.
    • Steps to Reproduce: Include a step-by-step reproduction of how the bug appeared.
    • Frequency: How many times out of how many attempts did the bug appear?
    • Severity: Rate the bug's severity on a scale of 1 (minor) to 5 (major).
    • System Specs: List your OS, CPU, RAM, GPU or network information.
    • Additional Information: List any other information about the bug, if applicable.

    Status Tracker:
    • [Awaiting Feedback] The issue is a known issue and is pending developer feedback.
    • [Investigating] A team member is attempting to replicate the issue that is reported.
    • [MTN] More time is needed for this specific bug to be processed and solved.
    • [Resolved] Bug has been successfully resolved.
    • [NMI] More information is required for this specific bug report. A staff member or moderator may contact you to privately gather missing information.

    Please follow the Bug Reporting Guidelines while reporting your bug! If your issue has already been reported, we may merge your post into an existing thread.

    Thank you for all your ongoing support of Rumble Fighter and with your help, we can make it better for everyone.
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