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    • Give the punch combo better recovery and wider hitboxes I can't count the number of times I've been unable to follow up combos because of the wonky hitbox of the 2nd and 3rd punch, Also giving the first punch some more vertical range would be nice considering this is a 1v1 scroll it wouldn't be unreasonable for the first punch to have the ability to be able to catch ppl in the air more easily considering the scroll is all about being strategic, and for the love of god show the first punch some love its so slow.
    • Allow all 3 hits of the PPKPP/PPPKPP to connect so we can do more damage per juggle, furthermore, improve the recovery/stun on this move it gets punished by literally every scroll in-game.
    • The scroll was made to have mixups stemming from the stance change so why are there only 2 input options after the stance shift? There should be a second option available after
      the PPK/PPPK
      Possibly a PPKG or PPKKKK
    • Please fix the buggy ass KG inputs half the time they throw out random stuff and the correct stuff doesn’t happen a faster startup time would be very appreciated as well.
    Reduce the charge time of the PPK P(HOLD)
    This literally might be one of the longest charges in the game if u ever hit this on someone they literally have to be brain dead back then this was ok because it was one of the few with a guard breaking stun launch but we have scrolls like heart seeker that not only charge in half the time but even give invincibility frames, so reducing the charge time by a second two or so seems pretty reasonable considering the OP stuff in meta rn.
    Side note: Give it a basic uncharged move as well so that it can be used regularly without being interrupted
    • Widen the hitboxes on the launcher and some of the kick combo there are instances where all your kicks can connect but because of the wonky hitbox the 3rd kick, in particular, will only connect 1 hit of the 2 the part combo
      • Give the counter some frame advantage in exchange for not having an Omni grab and a more tight cast point (similar to the serpent's counter )
    • Move Suggestions
      • PPKG : This would be a safety tool for the scroll and would probably be the best move it could ever receive not because of the range or hitbox of it or anything like that, what PPKG/PPPKG does is absolutely nothing when you cast this move you flash green similar to blazing enforcers panic move when the exocore is equipped. When inputted this input will cancel the animation of the stance change shift (when you hold your hands up ) a big weakness this scroll had was that the PPKP inputs were very easy to counter and because of the lack of mixup the pressure it could apply was limited but you now have the option to not only hold the PPK and then chose to delay but bait out counters and then cancel the input or if your opponent is very aggressive you could even go for a counter you could even cancel and then grab there's a whole ton of possibilities. In order to balance this however you cant do this switch immediately so u cant decide to cancel it as soon as the stance change starts, and this move gives absolutely no frame advantage when this move is cast it does no damage or hitstun but when it happens you are both put at a 0 frame advantage (similar to dirty grab) if they read that you are going for this they could realistically start an attack while your in the middle of this animation and force you to block but if they don't u can mix up with any other option. NOTE: This move does not allow resetting. since you can't do it immediately after u cast stance change after the animation is finished that stops this from being possible if there is a reset to be found it would be very timing specific similar or harder than zin tkds since you would have to time it exactly when the move becomes possible to do. also pls make sure the animation is very visible.
    • PPKG ( HOLD )
      • if you choose to hold instead of cancelling your animation you begin charging with the same blazing enforcer animation as mentioned before when you charge the move becomes a simple 360 hitbox attack that spins your body similar to a snake it also has an animation of a snake wrapping around when this is done it is completely unsafe on the block if semi charged but the main point is to try to catch ppl who might try to punch immediately after stance switch so you can keep people on their toes.
      • If the move is fully charged it will inflict a heavy amount of blockstun on your opponent similar to agents KG P
      • The 3rd kick of Shaolin snakes kick combo is split into 2 parts here which are the K K inputs they have a narrower hitbox than the original kick combo but in exchange have godlike recoverys mid-combo the last kick is just the last kick from the regular kick combo downsides are that it comes after the PPKG which makes it very susceptible to countering if the opponent sees the 2nd or 1st kick since they are still very slow in animation and is very risky since u have to input it as soon as you press gaurd so if they have a fast enough first punch they could interrupt during the animation cancel portion of the juggle but they would definitely need a hard read in order to do this and more often it would just clash regardless
    • PPKPK the regular stance change but this just ends with a kingpin like grab and gives your opponents back to you it does no damage at all but is good at angling for moon since its a grab and gives your opponents back which sets up for pressure
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    Support af
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    Heck yea

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