boxing map concept

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    Mostly rushed but, I'm beginning to make remake maps or original maps I created for fun... I just started learning this program recently btw so yeah. please critique so I can get better lol.

    Boxing map concept
    ~For 1v1 only

    ~4 players can spectate from each side of the table & also place bets with karats of who will win.

    ~ Monitor can display upcoming events, updates, who's up in wins in the 1v1 etc.

    ~ The empty stairs will be filled with rf randomize characters rooting and taking pictures.

    ~ Electricity around the ring will turn on and off at set time frames.

    ~ fighters can hop and fight on the rails above, the "enter" doors can lead them to the second rail that's above where the exit signs are.

    Inspired by ring of death map
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    that's sick!

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