Being able to test Scrolls/Exos in training

Discussion in 'Etc' started by Zackro21, May 8, 2020.

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    I suggest that there be some sort of button or something to test out a scroll and/or exo in training that you pick out. If you are not sure you want to buy this scroll and/or exo and you want to try it out yourself instead of watching a tutorial on youtube to see if you yourself could be good with that scroll and/or exo. You could also just use this to play around with a scroll/exo you could never afford but finally be able to use it. But you can only test out these exos/scrolls if it is inside the shop, if you wish to use a rare exo/scroll that can only be found in boxes, it wont be available to use. With this you can finally know if you really want to buy the scroll or exo that you desire.
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    This feature used to be available in the Shop, for Scrolls only, but NimoniX removed it a long time ago because there was an exploit for the feature that allowed you to use a scroll you did not buy or own in Boss Mode (outside of Training) and thus you could earn rewards using an exploit. Instead of patching the feature, they completely removed it. However only the scrolls available in the shop had access to the feature so no scrolls that existed in boxes or any other gacha loot box would have access to the feature.

    I think they never re-implemented the feature because it could possibly remove the mystique behind rare and special scrolls or maybe they fear that the exploit will resurface and they won't have the time or resources to patch it or they realized that info about the scroll was being posted on YouTube and thus made the feature redundant in their eyes plus it would increase Rumble Fighter video viewership on YouTube.

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