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    Auto Training System

    The auto training system allow you to train you skill without pressing any key, you can be away from keyboard while you train you skill.

    Can or can't be done:

    You can't auto training while you char is logged out.
    You can auto training while you grind
    You can't active meditation with auto training
    You can't auto train you lightfoot with this system
    You can use the auto train to cast pills that are in you skill barre

    Use the Auto-training:

    First you need to open the training window using the key "K" from keyboard.
    In this window you have 2 column which correspond to you both skill bar.


    To choose one of you skill, you just need to click on one of the key and a new window will appear. Here I press the one that correspond to CTRL+1 skill shortcut:


    In this window you have 4 functions:
    • Repeat (s): which is used to repeat a skill with the time between 2 repeat in seconds.
    • Under Life %: This option will allow you to active a skill under a certain amount of life.
    • Under Chi Kung %: This option allow you to cast skill under a certain amount of Vital Energy
    • External Wound Abnormal: This option allow you to cast skill once you have reach the specified amount of external wounds.
    To use one of these options you just need to select the box and then enter the limit value, here I select repeat the skill in the CTRL+1 skill box every 1000 seconds:


    If you give a specific setup to a skill shortcut, the Inactive will turn into Active. Once you have selected every skill you want, you can save you setup using the save key. If you don't save you setup, it will be reset at every re log. You can also reset all you setup by using the key reset.

    You can then start you training by using the Start Training key from the training window or by pressing the key "[" (QWERTY keyboard) or "^" (AZERTY keyboard).

    The training will stay as long as you have "Vitality", this vitality correspond to a certain amount of minutes. If it reach 0 you can win again some min when you play and grind normally. There is also an IM item which allow you to directly give you more training time.
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