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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OCIR1, Jan 7, 2021.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Well it's that time again where we have a scheduled maintenance with the hope of a decent, worthwhile event when in reality what we get is another disappointment.

    Winter Event.... Where do I start?

    1. You add a boss event where we have the chance to obtain a sword pet that has worse stats than a Shiba. (insert facepalm emoji)
    2. You add a mob event that has the chance to drop mats and a temporary costume. Temporary costume being a bunny suit which doesn't even match the patch. Santa costume would have been better as that's a winter costume.
    3. You promised us a winter premium box only to delete it from the patch notes a day before the maintenance.
    4. Lastly no PVM drop/grind event.

    I am not surprised as all i'm accustomed to with redfox is disappointment after disappointment. We have an update every 3 months or so and its something that all players look forward to. It is very disheartening as a player base to see the lack of content we are receiving. From the outside looking in it seems that you guys either don't care about the game/player base or that you are too lazy to put some effort in and give us some worthwhile patches. Even if the devs didn't have a new grind update the rebirth pill event would have been worthwhile since we have had an influx of new players and the availability of rebirth pills has decreased. So please GM/Devs if you have given up on the game and your community please just shut it down.

    Looking forward to your response Ryu.

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    We appreciate the feedback we are currently checking on some of the issues with the events. We also planned to get Winter Premium Box but was not able to due to some issues with one of the item in the box so we will reschedule its released once it has been fixed. Once a new patch is ready we will definitely update the game once more.
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