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    So i return to RF after a long break and after playing in the days of P2P and then free to play back in the days of codemasters etc. I'm trying to understand the reasoning behind changing the lvl req of placed like elan and ether as well as the settlements not being invaded. I remember 213 being under siege by Bell MAUs, farming in ether up to 49 (now at 48 everything is in grey?), and what happened to the mobs agro,
    What happended to the big fights in VC and sette.
    why did the GMs see fit to make these changes when the has and always will be more important bug fixes.
    Is it my end or has there been more graphic issues ie jetpacks opening when disengaged, the cartella ship animation not arriving at HQ.
    I remember the struggle of lvling without being ganked but that was the fun of the game(as frustrating as it could be),
    i just cant help but to think that the game i loved and always seem to come back to has changed to the point where i hardly recognize it.
    Now i'm not trying to slate the game or the changes, i'm just trying to understand why?
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    They tried to rework the game, back in your days level 50ish used to raid level 45ish in elan, and the 45 could fight back the 50. But today a level 45ish have no match with a level 70 that can raid him in elan. By reworking the mobs they solved thia issue. However they killed the game pvp and many ppl left. If they setted a upper bound on map lets say level 50 max to cauldron they could let all races between level 40 and 50 join the same vc map and fight for spots like the old days keeping the good old pvp.
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    They already dit lvl cap restrict to maps but that update failed thats why they reverted that update.
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    The codemaster version will NEVER return.

    Codemasters was the server 2.1.5 model. This server was the one codemasters used which made defense matter, Mobs had aggro and you could MINE behind the portal. people did Battle dungeons all days.. the kind you had to kill monsters for time to fight the boss.. EXP was slow as hell but you could afford pots as well as live comfortably.

    CCR then scrapped 2.1.5 completely and put out 2.1.6. This is the version used by x2 games in brazil and got rid of mining behind the portals. It also added the 0-300 damage bug that made battle dungeons useless and broke armor. that but is where on 2.1.5 you would take 1 damage on monsters who were too weak to damage you and that changed to 0-300 random damage. Which is why a level 30 can be hit by block lunker lv 15 monster) for 0-300. the 0-300 broken part shows up after level 30. it also raised the level requirements for BM and OCL. this is the version before gold pigs that had the superior armor types. Originally the private servers used the brazilian names for the items like " Arca de circo de ***** reforcado pentrante" for Advanced Strength Black Siege Bow? I may have spelled it wrong...

    the 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4 all build off of 2.1.6 and then 1.5 came out using stolen planet wars stats and failed. Some of those other builds had maps we don't see on retail.

    2.1.5 will never return. It was outdated. Most private servers were able to add the 2.2.x stuff to 2.1.6 servers which was interesting.

    2.1.5 server files I think were lost and will not work now. Any server that claims old RF days is merely a 2.2.3 trying to modify back to the good ole days. It isn't CM RF unless you mine behind the portal and no 0-300 damage and PAI can hold aggro and black knights can aggro permanently.

    SERVER VERSIONS listed here except the Redfox ones.
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    Hi All,

    I played RFO back when Codemasters first launched.
    I left when about 2 years after the game came out when it was clear the "space" expansion wasn't ever going to arrive.

    Wondering if Redfox have obtained or developed the game beyond Elan and the Elven maps. I had the best Magic build for the Bell and wanted to get the Elven shield to become literally unkillable...

    I would come back if there was more to explore.

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