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    Since the old history of 9D is locked I'll add a recent interview I had recently, here. I had no clue there's people who remember all this stuff and have interest in it


    Dark Alan

    [​IMG]3 mar. 2023, 19:04 (acum 4 zile)
    @SauberC9-2023 Ok I'l try again, since I lost that message so I'm typing it all over again.
    1. "I do notice BIA comes from NoMercy and Nuage, LM of NoMercy, is allied with BIA"
    No. NoMercy was an old league on the acclaim version. BIA was the strongest league on GamesCampus, with no ties to NoMercy. NoMercy didn't exist on GamesCampus. Only on RF did they end up together. Nuage was no leader, he just temporarily had the LM, he was a loser who can't even behave properly. I don't think he lasted even a month as LM.

    2. "I also saw that during GC VNs + TheResistance fight against BIA and it’s allies."

    I created The Resistance, on GC, to counter the monopoly of BIA. BIA controlled everything. And yes VNs were our biggest allies.
    Also on RF, they lost that SVS,. Leading The Resistance was very hard - BIA would insult me and my girlfriend at the time, Tytsy, daily. I was fine but she was affected by this. SO on RF, Me and my GF didn't reveal who we are, because BIA were still hunting for us. We just went undercover, we even joined NoMercy for a while hoping to play in peace away from war. I thought BIA would win that SVS since they were strong before, but it turns out they were clowns as I always said. On GC I killed almost every BIA member at least once.

    3. " I remember you don’t hate KillerBite at all when he was part of BIA in RedFox. "
    KillerBite on RF, was LadyChar on GC. He actually fought against BIA on GC. Funny, right? So that's why I didn't hate him. He was sushiwoo on acclaim, back then we never spoke this was in 2008, even his mom was playing the game, I remember he was a nuker with major penalty in BP and he killed me a few times then we ganged him and he cried for his mom or something hahaha

    4. " I also remember you hate Aang when he is part of VN (A4W), did he harass you before?"
    A4W was my only league on GC, pretty much. A4W were my best friends, especially Leon. When I joined RF, I messaged Leon on Facebook to join A4W again. He told me to find Aang in game, and ask for an invite. Aang was rude to me for no reason, so he's a piece of sh1t. But other than that, A4W were my friends. They even came to help me 2 years later after no contact, helped me get a killer Epi in Tibet, Leon brought them and they helped me. Loyal people

    5. " I remember you are against all of the BIA members during GC except Sheikha (since you seemingly almost never talk negative about him) and I remember you said he secretly helped you, is that true?"

    You have a very good memory. No idea who you are haha. Sheikha secretly admired my courage, even called me "a real man" on the forum once, when he was arguing with VNs. He knew most of BIA are rats, who just joined for an easy win, and admired the grit of someone with the balls to go against the odds (the Resistance was hopeless at first, I didn't even think it would succeed). So in private we were friendly, he sometimes gave me advice, etc, but he never helped me with items.

    Hi, thanks for all the detailed clarification. And thanks for willing to spend time writing all the details. I just read it. I know it would be a very long story to explain everything.

    I was an old player from Nirvana in Acclaim. Only log in to check 9d few times in GC, and don’t even have account on RF.

    But after seeing few videos on YT, I noticed that Kalzion is NM’s LM in Bardo sever, and CherubUltima, Evolet(later changed name to Pikachuu? Same person as -SeeYaa?) are UF. I also watched your videos and Gerald’s videos, also Leon’s videos too, aka BMW750i in RF, cuz I missed the game. I also know that you actually played in Bardo server. BTW was UF your enemy in Bardo? I remember Leon had a video named “chetruetard” showing he died 5 or 6 times in KL, which avenge you eventually when Cheetah made fun of you with troll videos.

    I remembered that in Nirvana there was a league called TheKingsman, LM is kayto. Then in GC the same League name exists, the LM is Kavin IIRC. Is Kavin the same person as kayto?

    Ahh my bad, didn’t know that NM never ties with BiA.

    I do notice you seemingly being more low profile in RF and hiding you and your GF’s identity, and it seems that you are not involved in wars in RF as much as GC. Sorry to hear that you and Tytsy still being BIA’s prey even in RF. They still wont let both of you play in RF, but I do notice that BiA becomes much weaker when Gerald quit 9d after GC is closed. I do hear that Nuage is a clown with poor leadership. Didn’t notice Tytsy still play with you in RF, but yeah it’s best to be neutral in GC

    Thanks for explanation about Aang being one of the only VN you hate. I knew Leon is your best friend from VN, but I saw that Aang hurt your feeling.

    Yeah it was ironic that KillerBite fights against BiA in GC but subsequently joined BiA in RF. I also remember Sheikha becomes BiA’s master. Sorry didn’t notice the character named LadyChar in GC.

    Now I see why you don’t hate Sheikha. It’s because he admire you don’t give up from leading TheResistance. Unfortunately he can’t help you with items because he isn’t convenient to do so, but only give some advice.


    Dark Alan
    vin., 3 mar., 20:30 (acum 4 zile)

    1. "I also know that you actually played in Bardo server. BTW was UF your enemy in Bardo?"

    Yes but it wasn't as hateful as the war against BIA. There were only a few personal vendettas with idiot who would grief you, but The fight against UF on Bardo was because of the Wei Spot. I explained that in detail here: 9Dragons - Acclaim Bardo Wei Alliance & The First +11 Weapons
    Yes NoMercy was actually a white league, Kalzion was shaolin. That is the true NoMercy, the NoMercy on RF was a joke, a mix of all kinds of weirdos.

    2. "I remember Leon had a video named “chetruetard” showing he died 5 or 6 times in KL, which avenge you eventually when Cheetah made fun of you with troll videos."

    I actually killed Cheetah by myself (well one person helped), and uploaded it. I was the one who uploaded his death first, then he tried to copy me and post videos of chasing me, but it was mostly 10vs1. It was funny to me. I killed him here: 9Dragons PvP - BIA Cheetah down like scabies
    He had banners (the best relics on GC), etc, and I had none, and I could still take him on. Shows you they were a bunch of clowns who only win because of numbers: 9Dragons PvP - BIA Cheetard can't do ****

    3. " Didn’t notice Tytsy still play with you in RF, but yeah it’s best to be neutral in GC " We broke up soon after RF started. We played for a while undercover. These BIA players were so desperate, they were asking random people "hmm are you DarkAlan?" if they sensed that person spoke like me or something. Insane. That's how much they were after us. Tytsy on RF is BlackDove now, that's her character and she plays on Yin. We're no longer in contact, but she was a good friend and supported me in TheResistance.

    4. "Thanks for explanation about Aang being one of the only VN you hate. I knew Leon is your best friend from VN, but I saw that Aang hurt your feeling."

    Interesting, because I never made this public, or if I did, I don't remember. How did you know that I argued with him?

    The story of TheResistance can be found here: 9Dragons - Whole Server Unites vs BrothersInArms League & How DarkAlan Became Famous

    oh I missed one.

    5. " I remembered that in Nirvana there was a league called TheKingsman, LM is kayto. Then in GC the same League name exists, the LM is Kavin IIRC. Is Kavin the same person as kayto? "

    I don't know, I was never on Nirvana. I knew Kagnarpersonally, we founded the first anti-bia League. His name was Kavin. He messaged me after he saw my Resistance video . You can see us here, with the first league formed as a consequence. BrownieMunch later betrayed us and joined BIA. I don't know if Kavin was kayto, it's possible, since he was from USA it make sense he was on Nirvana before. I think he played on Nirvana yeah.

    There was also TheKingsmen on Bardo (KingMen not KingsMan). They were enemies of UF and Destiny. UF won that war, the Kingsmen kinda dissappeared later on.


    And thanks for all the explanation back in Acclaim, also watched your video about explanations. I do agree the NM in Acclaim are true NM, but in RF NM is just shattered. ChitSu aka Patricia also joined NM in RF, I remember BiA get rid of her in GC, not sure why they kicked her out.

    Maybe in RF someone just want to impersonate you. You broke up with Tytsy, but will she come back watching or commenting in your videos? Leon still do.

    I did remember seeing your video where you and Dragon_Spear killed Cheetah, but just notice the upload date after you told me this, then Cheetah started to make videos about you for revenge. Is Dragon_Spear part of TheResistance?

    I remember there is a BoT Warrior named xMoonlovely (IIRC), is she VN or Resistance? How is her gear?

    About drama with Aang, I actually didn’t know what happened between you and him exactly, but I remember I saw your comment in Killerbite’s video that you hate Aang, but the comment disappears.

    About the traitors in GC that joined BiA eventually, Brownie, Necrotic, and GoldenSky:

    I also remembered Necrotic was with you, but subsequently joined BiA, based on VainMachine’s video.

    Golden told me it was because you post a SS in forum about Tytsy calling you “dickless” as a joke, then you can’t accept it and starts to attack him, is that true? May I ask, when will the feud between you and GoldenSky end? It’s a shame when you both were friends, but you become golden’s most hated player.

    I definitely know Brownie turned his back on Resistance, but not sure why.

    I actually watched a video where you and Kagner chasing Scoundrel in CC. I knew Kagner is Kavin.

    Patricia was BIA but got kicked out because she fought with a bandmaster there. on ChitSu she tried to hide who she is, on RF. But I recognized her and told everyone on the forum. She was so mad started insulting me haha. And kept lying that it's not her. On RF someone did take DarkAlan name, I think goldensky took it.

    xMoonlovelycame from the other server, after the servers merged on GC. She was Resistance. She was friendly
    Necrotic was another girl I was with haha. She was BIA always, and I was BIA's biggest enemy. So for her to love me, was a big betrayal for BIA. This is Necrotic:

    That's why BIA never took her back and VainMachine made that video hating her

    GoldenSky never joined BIA but he joined MrcoznaHusaria, a BIA slave/ally. You can see that in the video where we chase and kill him

    GoldenSky actually hated me secretly I think, then later kinda revealed it. I don't remember why he got mad at me, but he tried to post my photos on youtube and online etc. About the dickless joke, I think I asked him to remove that photo, cause I didn't want BIA to see it, and he refused. That's when we started fighting

    Brownie turned his back cause he was an opportunist

    Ahh I see about Patricia having civil war in her league with Kage.

    I am definitely aware that MH is BiA’s ally when FokaPL ganged you in your “Heroic Death” video.

    Just knew that Moonlovely is from Yin before the servers merge.

    About the drama between you and golden, I have to appreciate for telling me what happened exactly, since I have to listen to what other side says. When you ask him to remove the photo and he refused to, then it is intentional. He must be something fishy. If he secretly hates you before spoiling it, then it should make sense. Also even if BiA attacks Golden before he joins MH, he never said anything negative about BiA.

    To be off topic, Necrotic looks pretty cute haha. Didn’t notice she actually betrays BiA, for getting along with you.

    Oh I forgot to answer a question. Dragon_Spear was Resistance, she was Sara before that, also bot warr

    You can see her in party here

    I also had her on facebook but can't find her now

    She was a blonde girl from sweden no idea why I can't find her. I didn't even know she was Dragon Spear for a while, or wasn't sure. I remember once near CCD entrance she said "I respect you" and I was like huh? Haha

    Anyway yeah she was very anti bia

    無雙同好討論頻道:When non-BiA players subsequently joined BiA for more benefit (like gears, items, boss drops, etc), turning away from BiA is very courageous like Necrotic.

    Do you know the reasons why ChitSu had a civil war with Kage, what happened exactly?

    IIRC, you can’t change character’s name in GC, but I could be wrong. Sara, Necrotic, and Dragon_Spear, are they all 3 different toons? Or just name changing?

    Oh I remembered MrHiep used to be with VN, and I know he is Vietnamese in his real life, but I heard that most people hated him eventually, even Leon and other A4W members attack Hiep and his band members later. Do you also know why? Even neutral players hate him more than Gerald.

    You may be extremely surprised that someone like me remembered lots of things back in Acclaim and GC.


    Dark Alan

    lun., 6 mar., 01:16 (acum 23 de ore)

    Yes I am surprised that you remembered lots of things back in Acclaim and GC.

    Patricia/Chitsu, I don't know why she argued. She was kind of an idiot

    Sara, necrotic, and Dragon Spear were all different toons. Sara and Dragon Spear = same person

    Necrotic was American, not swedish

    Hiep was with TheResistance but one day I woke up and saw him fighting A4W. I don't know the reasons

    Necrotic also was lizbet, and had a toon named AngelMonster when she played with me we both were beggars, hiding from BIA
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    NoMercy did exist on GC.
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    you've always been an icicle toon and a fox wherever you went

    stop hating on the successful
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    Why do you always call this man a failure when he's been a part of this community for since acclaim.

    How can he be a failure when he took over the bosses from icy to Tibet by himself, then his league joined him, long before BiA came transfer to over.

    He's written guide's, made video's to show how many things work and don't work, won multiple GM awards from Acclaim to GC, fought for those of us that couldn't get bosses for quest and made sure we got them.

    Yeah he gets annoying at time, but he speaks the truth and he speaks his mind. He's a good man and we all know he is. You might not like him for what ever reason. You make multi accounts and you bash him why? What has he done to you?

    You can't give a reason, all he said was that NoMercy did exist in GC and they did!

    I can't remember the shao warrior that Prophet used to ks in the plate bosses and it wasn't that MasterMike guy or what ever his name was. But NM was in GC. I'm sure if you watch Prophet's YT, there's a vid of him vs that shao warrior on there.

    Anyway chill DA.
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    For some reason I can't see this topic anymore on my main account and that's cool.

    Don't feed in to this topic anymore my friend. I, just like many others in the forums and game can care less about it.

    If I'm hopeless and all that, so be it. Let's all be adults and move on. It's a game, I've played, had my fun, helped those that needed it and been given help. I never claimed to be anything other than a friend.

    He dislikes me cuz I didn't want to be a part of something he was part of, not knowing the fight I was fighting long before he ever came to know the server. My fight began back in Acclaim and G1 against the very same ppl that he was allies with. There was no BiA when I started my fight alone. Once KK got strong enough, we took the battle to all the bosses from icy to Tibet. Once BiA came, yes we did go with them to LL with White_Soul and his league to take over those bosses and then to SvS.

    If anyone can remember in GC when the icy bosses was dropping an item, I am the reason the got changed to the mind dropping the. I told Venus, that if they didn't change them KK would KS the bosses 24/7, 7 days a week until they changed them. Took just 2 days to fix it.

    You don't hear nothing about them, he only targets me and why? I don't know and I don't care.

    He never came to me and actually talked to me and asked why I wouldn't join, he just started bashing me and calling me every name he could think of and that's been over the last 10 or so years.

    Stay humble and stay at peace.

    GL and HF!


    No need to delete any GM's. Just lock this!
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