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    7 Days of Throne Event

    Complete 70 Missions and Receive a 5★ Hero!

    Finally, the prelude to the strategic war has begun.
    Anyone can start the mission, but time is limited.
    Complete 70 missions to get the 5★ Hero, Crown!
    Event Period: Within 7 Days of Account Creation
    • Please check the remaining time that appears at the top of the in-game Event popup window.
    Event Details:
    • Complete a total of 70 missions that are revealed each day for 5 days from the time of your account creation.
    • Upon completing several individual missions, various rewards will be given.
    • Additional rewards are available to acquire depending on the number of completed missions.

    • Click the Event icon located in the Kingdom to view the Event Details.
    • Event Details and periods are subject to change.
    • Revised Event info will be updated on the Event page, without a separate announcement.
    • The recovery of rewards is not possible after they are distributed or consumed normally.
    • Anyone who has participated in the event in an inappropriate way can be disqualified from the Event, have reward items removed, and/or have gameplay restrictions.
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