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    It’s sad to feel like I’m writing an obituary for such an amazing game. One that I spent a good five years of my childhood playing. I met some cool ass people, and in the end made a fair amount of money off of.

    I started playing when I was twelve (2007) right toward the end of the CM servers, couldn’t get enough of it - I got to level 43 before the end! I then moved on to RF Equilibrium (EQG), and started playing pretty seriously again. I made so many friends, some that I never actually met, but to this day follow their real lives on Facebook, and would happily meet up with for a drink.

    It was around 2010 when I started developing with EQG, initially just doing some fairly mundane stuff (editing loot and its drop rate). Lenin, who created the main admin interface for many of the private servers taught me a lot, and is probably the reason I’m in the career I’m in today. Tsume and Judge (owners) were really cool guys too, and I’m always thankful that they took me on and paid me for the work I started doing. hotmail.com

    I bowed out of developing at EQG towards the end of school, and used my work with them as proof in an interview that I knew what I was talking about.

    I didn’t really mean for this to be such a long post, but reading all the threads on here got me nostalgic. To all my friends and then-enemies/critics, hope you’re doing well, and I look back at those years as some of the best of my life so far.

    Please share your experiences in this thread, I’d love to read them!

    Cheers, Owne(d)ByALemon/Raptor
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