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    I post here because it's my "creation". It's not a video nor a picture. It's a blog with a story set in the Twelve Sky games!
    I don't know if it's something that may interest you, but i like to share it.

    Oh, i have just started writing, so the story is at its very beginning, but i hope you may find it interesting.
    Feel free to comment, i accept any suggestion or idea!

    The names of the characters in the story are the names of the NPC, Mobs and other players in the game (but for now i have used NPC and Mobs names and my nickname only) and i try to describe a story-like adventure in the eyes of the character in the game.
    So a fusion of Mmorpg terms (there will be the same items and mobs of the game) with Gaming items (the characters of the game will have levels and stats too, while items of the story will have CS and % as in the game) all together in a tale where even NPCs have a mind and a role in it...

    The story is based on the first 12sky, but i have already mentioned a 4th faction as a reference to Twelve Sky 2. You know, a fantasy story has no limits! :D

    Here's the link of the story-blog: STORY LINK

    Hope you like it! :)
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    So when are you gonna continue the story lol

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