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    Another NOOB WHINER.

    Higher DEF, but do we have heal? give us inana and chandra full heal. Use your brain. Bells have velo, def, etc. buffs Cora is offensive for a reason.

    Do you use end game elems? All can wear those. Those elems you talk about are for newbs. Basically, in the end game we have the same elems, but OUR striker can't move using SK. Don't talk about warriors. you can easily kite them if you're not a noob.

    Cannot be debuff but your offensive mage have Velo and can just reapply it. meanwhile. we wait for a one in a million spec support for a buff, while your super high damage mobile mage can velo, and the raid goes on.

    Try playing punisher "Fatal Attck" pls do it on private servers to try and see if it's useful.

    You wanna nerf the spec? there is like 10 people with SPEC main toon. Most are alts. LOL Nobody plays support.

    And also, nert MAU net if you want to nerf ACC spec net. meanwhile your MAU netter have high HP, our ACC netter can just die for ******* launcher armors sake. NO DEF no elemental resist. That's what A spec need to use grenade. The counter to spec is it's soft for a reason, single target, and no one like to play because unlike MAU that's fun because you can solo kill while netting. SPEC needs a buddy to kill.

    "It's not fair you have no defense against debuffs without delay that prevents 100% motion and recovery hp."

    like I said unlike mage that can both debuff and kill, spec can't kill. Mau can net and can kill. Have you heard of cure potion and refresh? And do you know how soft an ACC spec is? If the spec use melee armor he can't sustain the debuff. SPEC needs to use the soft lau armor just for supporting.

    Try to play SPEC. You can see there's a lot main spec players right? NO! they are all in HQ all alt toon doing PB. You can see only 5-10 main spec in ACC. That's all spec in ACC alts. in 8v8 a spec can die so fast and a chandra can still heal, while cora can heal the main target with inana, or YOLO with full damage.

    "ACC specs are still op, all there debuffs need a small CD, I should be able to move at least 5 feet after getting rid of a net, not constantly stuck in one spot.

    and ACC moving a bit to fast is an understatement, i entangle them and run in attack mode in AA, and i stil lcant keep up, get off more that one spell/attack before they warp 20 feet ahead. They need to make it so that entangle, laboring breath etc slows them down more than it does along with a small nerf on top speed."

    A scenario, you see a spec 1v1, he nets you, but he can't kill you.

    A cora mage saw you, he slows you and attack you!!!! Do you still want to add more CD to spec? do you realize they need launcher armor? spec are soft.

    2v2. You see 2 spec. both die. you see 1 spec and 1 SK(sitting duck striker). Your dumb if you go near. you got netted. The striker SKed. Spec can only target 1. and striker can only chainstrike 1. NEWSFLASH THE SPEC IS SOFT IT'S 2V2 SO YOUR FRIEND CAN KILL THE SPEC WHILE YOU CAN USE SHIED. IDIOT.!!!! NOOB!!

    8V8. KILL THE SPEC=dead. Kill the chandra=heal. bye!! refresh!! refresh!!!. MAU net those ******* melee. OH the striker their main damager sitting with just 1 skill. kill it.

    The spec needs to go near because of the short range of grenade launcher. Meanwhile chandra can **** his D*ick in the side and can still heal. same with inana. just send inana and stay away.

    You new breeds are so noob with pvp my eyes bleed.

    You know most servers late game cora owns? 8v8 because MAU is useless. Striker have no position advantage. Cora can melt any player; spec and chandra with just the count of 3 attacks tactics. Just shout "3" and surely someone will die. if you're ally didn't press that damage button take him of the team. Compare the rangers of cora,bells, and ACC. Cora is best by a mile. Higher range. higher damage with bow, and bow class skill. ACC detonate backstab? LOL. Bell ranger gun? stun? lol try stunning in 8v8. damage is all that matters.

    CORA is the OP. CORAS are just newb so they don't know how to use their advantage.

    Cora have every tactical advantage in 8v8 and CW if they use their brains(assuming it's late game and +6 weapons and +5 int armors, so the mau are uselss). They can melt chip fast. They can kill a player with the most impact fast like chandra, spec, striker. BOOM game over stiker(can't move with SK) dead no more DPS. Warriors? STFU kite!!! remove reach!! useless! kill all then last warrior.

    There's more. Please use your brains. Just cause you see ACC high damage or winning CW. It's because your rich high level players in Bells and cora are noobs.

    Yes, noobs! if your chandra can't save someone from chain rocket in 8v8 he's noob. And if you go near an SK like your noob. Use your brains how to get inside, or lure the striker out of position. They need to SK for crying out loud.

    You coras are the noobest. Don't know how to use their many spells to full potention. "oh **** too many buttons, I can't decide my rotation." I want to be ACC and use spacebar spec and striker, and 1 hit skill" After a day. "**** spec this weak ****. I main striker." **** striker can't move **** while cora just sniping me while in SK. ANYWHERE YOU GO YOU'RE A NOOB IN PVP.

    Fantasy =I want to be a cora summoner nooob. I'll make level 80 pimon, inana, isis, and hecate and i'll be the most powerful.

    Reality= Jack of all trades master of none cause you wasted time leveling all summon. If you just leveled you isis to 80. then you have time spent.

    And, ask your friend to "please support and level inana to 80" Then he says **** you. you play support I carry *****." typical coras. noobs.
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