Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale

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    It's here again: the biggest shopping weekend of the year! Thanksgiving and Black Friday are right around the corner, and we've got some great deals for you! Read on for the full details of this special, limited-time sale!

    Sale Duration: November 27, 2019 after maintenance - December 17, 2019, before maintenance.

    Blue Dragon's Treasure Boxes
    Contains a random selection of consumables and convenient, including a chance for Ultimate Tablet, Role Change Pill, Extreme Refinement Scroll +2, Extreme Refinement Scroll +1, Removing Extreme Refinement Scroll, and more!

    Blue Dragons Treasure Box (5+1) 1,000 RC 900 RC
    Blue Dragons Treasure Box (15+4) 3,000 RC 2,550 RC
    Blue Dragons Treasure Box (30+9) 6,000 RC 4,800 RC

    Guardian Soul Boxes

    Contains a random chance to obtain Lovely Guardian (2), Mischief Guardian (2), Wracked Guardian (2), 9Dragons Gold Repay (1), Item Bonus Card (1), Soul Stone (1), or Ultimate Tablet (1).

    Guardian Soul Box (1) 275 RC 240 RC
    Guardian Soul Box (20) 5,200 RC 4,160 RC

    Illusive Branches

    Summon monsters using the Illusive Branch for a chance to earn some powerful rewards!

    Illusive Branch 290 RC 230
    Illusive Branch (10+1) 2,900 RC 2,320

    Yellow Dragon Bags
    Contains a random number of Seal of Yellow Dragon. (1~5)

    Yellow Dragon Bag (1) 90 RC 80 RC
    Yellow Dragon Bag (10+1) 900 RC 760 RC
    Yellow Dragon Bag (30+5) 2,700 RC 2,160 RC

    Spirit of Guardian Boxes
    Did you miss the opportunity to get a pet when it was available? Now's your chance to grab one!

    One of the following items can be obtained through opening the Spirit of Guardian Box!
    • [Rank 1] Lost Soul Pouch (3)
    • [Rank 2] Lost Soul Pouch (3)
    • [Rank 3] Lost Soul Pouch (3)
    • [Rank 1] Empty Stone (1)
    • [Rank 2] Empty Stone (1)
    • [Rank 3] Empty Stone (1)
    • Soul Stone (4)
    • [Rank 1] Spirit of Guardian (1)
    • [Rank 2] Spirit of Guardian (1)
    • [Rank 3] Spirit of Guardian (1)

    Navy Blue + Golden Blue Costume (30 Days) (M/F)
    A precisely made blue costume created in the upper Qingdao region. A permanent Navy Blue or Golden Blue Costume can be created with Baked Turkey and Potato Wedges via the Festival Merchant, Seo Hwarang.


    Find these deals in the "Event/Sale" tab of the marketplace!
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    I'm dissapointed. I was counting on a reduction in the price of Redfox Credits rather than on outdated gambling boxes (yes, still outdated).
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    Great promotion. The deco is great.
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    I opened 10+2 boxes from item mall, I got nothing! always p2w.
    And my friend opened 30+3 boxes he got 2 30days deco.

    feck thet!

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