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    Nov 11, 2017
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    Yeah I've been dealing with rc trade with Soul Harvest
    I have gifted 40 ABC t-shirt boxes and metatron to just to get doutetsu ,
    after that he just unfriended me saying "never wanted trade, no trade" and unfriended me after.
    So What I did was just make a room called soul harvest is a scammer to let everyone know he is.
    He got frustrated and talked to me he would gift me doutetsu but 5days needed because he readded me. That sounded pretty legit, but he said he will gift me on spender day, which is like once in a month or something, I never wanted to wait no more, since I waited like 12days or something just to get started with trade, also I don't trust Soul harvest anymore. But guess what he said when I want the doutetsu after 5 days, he said he would just quit the rumble fighter... then he goes offline.
    It is frustrating me like really much... and I am really really mad for scamming like twice.

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