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    The Heavenly Jade Chest will be available in the Item Shop starting today for a limited time. Make sure you grab one for a chance to get the Fox Bead containing the new Red or Blue Nine Tailed Fox Mount!

    Heavenly Jade Chest
    The Heavenly Jade Chest is a random chest that contains one of the following items.
    • Auto Buff Scroll (7 Days) [Automatically Applied]
    • SkyLord's Holy Feed (900 Min) [Automatically Applied]
    • Absorption Pill (600 Min) [Automatically Applied]
    • White Feather
    • Black Feather
    • Golden Feather
    • Heaven Chest
    • Silver Bar
    • Ancient Platinum(15%)
    • Platinum Upgrade Stone
    • Herbal Medicine Box (Rare)
      • Vitality Elixir (Rare)
      • Strength Elixir (Rare)
      • Agility Elixir (Rare)
      • Buff Duration Pill (Unique)
      • E. Damage Elixir (Rare)
      • E. Defense Elixir (Rare)
    • Expansion Pill Box
    • Stats Increase Pill
    • Golden Sparrow Wings
    • Red Sparrow Wings
    • Great Turtle Wings
    • Blue Dragon Wings
    • Archangel Wings
    • Genuine Jade
    • Gold Silver Stone
    • Mount Box(15%)
    • Fahrenheit Jade
    • Mount's Spirit
    • Fox Bead: Unk Blue Nine Tailed Fox or Unk Red Nine Tailed Fox Mount
    Upon opening the Fox Bead item the player will either received a Unk Red or Unk Blue Nine Tailed Fox Mount with different stats. Make sure to check out the Mount Update for additional information.

    [Automatically Applied] Items will be added cumulative to your current Item Apply Status

    Find the Heavenly Jade Chest in the "Misc" section of the Item Shop!
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