returning old beta player, so what's new?

Discussion in 'Game Help and Tips' started by Muzicat, Jun 19, 2018.

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    I'm an old player who played this game since the beta days up until the cap was set to g4. I quit since then because the guan faction was down to almost zero and the fujins were in the thousands so there was no point. I just recently checked this game again and am surprised to actually see plenty of players on the guan side so I'm thinking of returning. I do have a few questions though because, honestly, the games seems to have changed so much so since the last time I played.

    1. Economy issues: some guy was selling red jades for 99m a piece. 99 ******* million. I thought it was a joke but i saw some other guy selling 15% mats for 600m for a full trade or something like that. What the **** is wrong with this game? Is there some sort of endless waterfall of silver that I don't know about?

    2. Someone in the clan told me that, upon reaching g12, it's possible to "exchange" your set into a g12 set (s5e,s4e,s3e, r5e,r4e,r3e, etc etc). How the hell do you do that?

    3. Price check: I literally have 20k silver in my bank. like i said, money was scarce in the old days and now, for some reason, silver seems to be worthless now. I'm planning on selling rp just for pots and leveling up but I'd like to know the prices first.

    4. What else is new? Anything else that's insane and stupid that i need to know about since the g4 cap patch days?

    My wife's probably gonna kill me for playing this game again since all I do is waste our money on it, and im sure some players will tell me to save the money and **** this game, but i got nothing better to either. gg.
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    Players abused a silver bug that let them cap out on silver.

    You go to the blacksmith and exchange g12 items and there is a chance it will exchange to a set item
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    wonderful game!!!! Everything is giving out secretly by Red Fox to players... and yet they're still complaining :oops:
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    Just listen to your wife bro. Trust me. LOL
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    If i only got a lot of silver i will help you out but atm i got 3bil which is for my livings. Lol

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