Remove Battle Dungeon

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Go outside HQ for exp!

  1. Yeah, I like adventure! BD and ETS ruin the game

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  2. BD all life, but NO ETS

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  3. BD and ETS forever, I LIVE AT HQ

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  4. ETS is fantastic , but delete BD

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  1. carlulous

    carlulous New Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    I don't think BD is the problem.

    Just to be clear though, despite supporting the existence of BD, i've never been there myself. My first was earlier today and was kicked from the party 'cause i don't know what the hell im supposed to do xD

    I've been roaming the map from lvl 1 to lvl 47, and only doing my first BD earlier today (which i doubt i will do again if not for the Leon equips), and the problem i often face is raiders and the low EXP gain. Being constantly raided by consuls and MAUs means i lose so much time that i could have getting exp and farm. I've had more than 50 deaths (by PK) my entire phase in Sette. Being delayed so long in levels and farm means i can't stand up for myself when being raided, and can't even participate in CW, or be of good use (cant even survive the STCs).

    I don't think it's fair to say that BD makes people lazy because the people i see who camp in HQ looking to BD are also the same people i see who participate in CW at least 2/3 times per day. Keep BD, let them power level until they reach the point where they can match up to the higher level people. But find a way to make them want to engage other races too. Maybe a party quest like "Eliminate this many (race) with level between so on and so forth".

    Maybe give a prize for PK (gold, exp, etc - depending on level gaps, so you don't get rewards for PKing lowbies). AND INCREASE THE REWARDS FOR CW. What i've noticed (in Valkyrie at least) is that there is very little participation in CW. Maybe an increased reward could make people participate because CW is the only reason i keep coming back to

    HELL, you can even close the BD during CW!
  2. Accord

    Accord Member

    Feb 10, 2016
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    My 2 cents for the topic

    1-Keep BD's (exping, leons or other) and ETS, they have their function in the game, just fix the map glitch in bd's, then there will have no need to GM to "police" that place and disable them at cw time;

    2-As said in this topic, increase the exp from other mobs around the maps, so they can be used as exp-spot, and not only for farm or quest. This will make people to have more alternative on maps, and will encourage them to leave hq;

    3-Remove destruction rune and escape rune, those 2 runes are ridiculous and non-sense for the game;

    4-Remove or increase delay to use for cash hissy potion and Invisible potion, those 2 are ridiculous and non-sense for the game, besides, it breaks the pvp and makes the game to be pay-to-win;:(

    5-Remove or increase delay to use for cash Neutralizing and 1 sec cure chargers potion, those 2 are ridiculous and non-sense for the game, besides, it breaks the pvp and makes the game to be pay-to-win, and for last, it makes mages to be useless with debuffs, because if you use holy charm + neutralizing + 1 sec cure charger, a GMED debuff that should last 90 seconds, will last 3 seconds :( ;

    6-Remove the or increase delay to use cash Revival potion, it is also ridiculous and non-sense for the game, it also breaks pvp and it replaces the "resser classes" on the resurrecting job.

    7-Increase exp for cloned mobs (lizards, rhs, reptile,brutal...), so we can have some lvl 51- exping safe alternative at hq, when elan or caldron its been raided by the dominating race and there is no one willing to help repel.

    If i remember anything else, i will post later :)
  3. Khyron

    Khyron Member

    Feb 5, 2016
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    I've never been more surprised in my life at the amount of idiocy here.. PVP is not what this game is. This game is about 1-2 shotting the weaker player or ganking them. Even stalking or camping.

    Player vs player indicates the players have at least a chance to recover and maybe a counter attack.

    There is no PVP here. the only ones who whine about it are the ones who do the ganking or afk in hq while their alts gank.

    Beautiful scenery exists in RF.. but you can barely survive the trip to see all the wonders of Elan, BEast Mountain, Outcast land, etc.. Ganking/ambushing/mahrs/aggro mobs everywhere..

    There was time when exploring and questing was part of Rf Online. That time is long past. Unless you stay in HQ and BD to a high level and sell CS items to BUY Armor. to survive.. then you will never advance far in this game

    VC was redone to make it easier to explore and level and even a quest to help lowbies level but it's a ganking ground now. Sette Windy cave is the same way now. Heaven forbid newbies try to get elite spells. Oh no or even enough mats/money for a jetpack.

    Lets not forget Ether.. If they hadn't removed the 50 quest, it would be impossible now. .

    Remove revival potions? Haha.. Do you know how hard it is to get a ress at chip war? Now imagine outside war when exping. What a idiot.

    Look at the other mmorpgs that came out at the same time and that are still around. They don't have the problems RF does. THis game is all about who can gank who the fastest and whining when you can't do that.

    "Wah wah I can't 1 shot the dark priest cause he escaped.. Ban the escape runes with a 30 min cool down so no one else can do it. I wanna be able 1 shot lowbies to feel good about myself."

    That should be the motto of every Acc out there.
  4. Shadari

    Shadari Active Member

    Jan 25, 2016
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    level 70 pvp is not about 1 shoot anymore. 70 armor / weapons are very well balanced.
  5. thone

    thone New Member

    Jul 25, 2016
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    But when some people who reach 65+ first in a new server. they can help their race level up rapidly and deny other races to reach 65 to against them.
    This just happen in Valkyrie server now.
    I don't know how many Accretia char reach 65+ and build in 70+5/+6 set already.
    and i think there are only few or even none of bellato/cora who reach 65

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