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    There have been many rumors floating around, asking if RedFox is the new GamesCampus. We wanted to create a post to put an end to the many questions and rumors.

    1. Is the CEO of RedFox the CEO of GamesCampus?

    No. The current CEO of RedFox WAS the former CEO of GamesCampus and left GamesCampus in order to open his own office.

    2. Why?

    Our current CEO did not agree with the views of the company that acquired GamesCampus. Thus, he decided to launch his own company to host the games that GamesCampus would leave behind, along with hosting some other games as well.

    3. Is the RedFox staff the same as the GamesCampus staff?

    No, the RedFox staff is not the same and not affiliated with the GamesCampus staff.

    We hope this will ease some curious minds and put any rumors to rest. As a new publisher, we appreciate the chance to have a clean slate and to create our own reputation in the MMORPG community.

    Thank you!
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