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    Hello RF Community,

    We’ve noticed that many players were concerned of why we are asking for your GamesCampus’s RF Online account and passwords and would like to address your concerns.

    Why do I need to input my GamesCampus account ID and password?
    The transfer process requires us to verify your account. Both RedFox and GamesCampus systems will check to see if you submitted the correct password to your GamesCampus account in order to process the transfer request. This step is necessary to prevent other players from impersonating you.

    Will my GamesCampus account ID and password be saved?
    Your account ID and password will solely be used for the authentication process. All passwords are encrypted and will not be saved. We will not share your password or ID with anyone.

    Why is there no notice about the transfer at GameCampus?
    GamesCampus should post an official announcement by early next week. The transfer page was opened early at RedFox to prevent an overload of traffic on the day of the announcement.

    Do I have to apply for a transfer now?
    You have until February 23rd to apply for a transfer. If it brings you peace of mind, you are welcome to transfer after GamesCampus’s official announcement.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to submit a ticket at any time, and our RedFox staff will try their best to provide the answers you need.

    RedFox Games
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