Quickslot & Quickslot Bar Expansions

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Do you feel that there is a need for more quickslot rows and bars for your skills, pots etc?

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  1. Yes, I'm always running out of space, and have to re-organise my skills constantly

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  2. No, I don't use any / many skills

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  3. Neutral, I'm happy if there are more, but I'm okay with the current amount

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    Hi GMs, please delete this post. i have posted it in the wrong game. :oops: This suggestion was meant for 9Dragons forum. Thanks.

    Current Issue: Insufficient Quickslots and Quickslot bars
    With so many skills and pots, all quickslots are fully used up, and players experience repetitive downtime re-organising skills/pots for different scenarios.

    This is especially so for healers who have many buffs, formation skills and traps, leech party skills, on top of the usual combat skills. There are just not enough quickslots spaces to house all support and combat skills for effective and efficient gameplay.

    Suggested Improvements:

      • Increase the number of quickslot bars players can cycle through (currently only 3 quickslot bars)
      • Increase the number of quickslot rows each quickslot bar can expand upwards (currently only 2 rows per quickslot bar)
      • Reduce the size icons so it doesn't take up so much of the screen
      • Allow players to toggle and fix the placement of their quickslot bars, and have the clientside remember the position of the placement (if they prefer having the skills horizontal at the bottom, or vertical on the side)
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