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    Here are the events currently running since the first November server maintenance:
    • Light in the Darkness: Mini Enchantment Event - For 5 days, players will have a chance to receive up to 10 Master Enchant Cards upon successfully enchanting a gemstone to +60/+200.
    • Scheduled Login Event - Log in at specific times to receive select prizes. As always, our team will allow for a grace-period 15 minutes before and after the scheduled time for any issues with receiving the item.
    • Boss Mode Rush: Massacre - If you have the guts to challenge yourself to these Boss Mode challenges, enter the Boss Mode Rush to push the limits.
    • Daily Login Event - Login every day to receive a "Relic of Hercules" Box or "Today's Protective Mask" in rotating order.
    • 1 Hour Playtime Event - Complete 1 hour of play every day to receive a "Relic of Hercules" or "New Enigma Chest" in rotating order.
    • Boss Mode - Destroy Pirates (Normal/Hard) & Harlem Defense War (Normal/Hard) [Box Contents are displayed below]
    • Fisticuffs Fridays - Defeat your opponents (or the GM) to receive hand-selected prizes. View the official event page for more information on how to participate.
    • Make Your Own Fisticuffs! - Think you got a great set to be featured as the Fisticuffs set? Submit your great ideas to our event page, and you may have a chance to win the entire set.
    • Enchantment Rate Increase - The success rate for Enchantment has increased by 25%. This will make enchanting slightly easier for a limited time.
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