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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ShieldMaiden, Aug 26, 2018.

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    So i'm fairly new to the forums but i've played karos through a few different publishers starting in 2008.

    following are some ideas that if implemented would help improve player experience while hopefully gaining some attention from potential players.

    Firstly remove wings, they're tacky & lame replace them with backpacks like they have in guild wars 2
    This is a basic image, have tiers if needed & giving the backpacks inventory slots would be great although i have not thought this though 100%

    Furthermore we need male & female player models for the classes, i know this means new armour & animations buuut if you're feeling tight on resources you could borrow some of the animations & effects from the current gender classes, I.E give a male HK some Blader / Blader adv class animations etc, some "small" changes could have huge impact on the game world.

    Also with mobs in the early levels, i have a few mapping ideas on shifting mob spawns around to help with flow & cluster players a bit to encourage player interaction.

    Honestly i'd just love to hear from you guys, i'd love to help in any way i can.
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    To remove from Game any Wings it is unrealistic. Because this is a Proposal for the Developers of the Game.
    At this point in time, the Game is advanced so far that replacing anything with something else will be problematic for everyone.
    Boys and Girls, too, no one will create for Classes, where their lacks.
    In my Opinion, here at Red Fox gathered Players who remember Karos at the very beginning of its Development. And it's perhaps a pleasant Nostalgia for most Players. Although, of course, many have already reached the ceiling in their Development and want to continue their game growth and opening 100-105 lvl..
    However, further Increase of level for Characters leads to uselessness of some Game Classes and Professions.
    For example:
    As a Fact, above 70 lvl. it makes no sense for the healer as a Priestess and Prophet.
    Because healing Abilities remain at the Level when the Game itself was at the very Beginning. And no one will redo all this. I think each Player at their favorite game Character can Express a lot of ideas in Development. However, the Game has some Priority in the game Characters. It is understood by all Players.
    In any Case, I really want the Game to develop and attract Attention always.
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