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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by soulceder, Oct 4, 2018.

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    Hello, I want to share my insights about years of playing TS2. I have a pretty more to suggestion but for now i will write this.
    • Real Money Investment
    I played on servers any many other, and i know one.
    They all ruined by item shop. Why?
    Im from eastern Europe(Not rich xD) and when I was playing on (Philipines) i was a rich guy! I can buy everything and it was not expensive for me, completely different for the local players.
    Same is there, where we earn 400$ per month and cost for PC is 5$? Pretty ridiculous!

    You must know, that Twelve Sky 2 is not new game, and players here are mostly old stagers. The same people migrate from server to server and trying to find best one. For young and new players this game is just crap.

    Proposal for a solution:
    Lower Item Shop price for supply items(Stat Cleanse, PC etc.) To make game more playable.
    Focus on Subscription (Premium Service) - Make it more favorable, so that everyone would like to buy it.
    For example add to premium service
    100% exp instead 20%?
    Double CP?
    CP protection upon death on monsters?
    Dungeon teleport?
    • Stagnate
    G12 - What to do is waiting for war. Just siting in city, and move sometimes.

    Proposal for a solution:
    War every hour, coppy lower wars to G12 - Anihilation, Capture, Stones.
    This will be pretty cool and something different.
    • Time
    In Europe we are out of HSB and Labby (Work or sleep time).

    Proposal for a solution:
    Make two labby a day, with 12 hours difference.
    Make one HSB in week with 12 hours difference.

    • Overpriced (fix silver problem)
    I heard, there was problem with Silver bar, and people collect alot of money and hold it now in theirs bag :p
    Thats make everything expensive for new players.

    Proposal for a solution:
    Make Event Silver Spending?
    Create new NPC - Blacksmith - They will have more chance to succes but cost is 10x or even more?
    Mats Shop (Able to buy mats in NPC shop) This will clear money from players pretty good i think.
    Raise Fortoune Pouch to 1.000.000-5.000.000? For make stability?
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    Dayum boy, new account for 2 days and you're already 2 times as smart as SpankMonkey. Hmm
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    Solution: Stop playing this trash game?
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    Oct 23, 2018
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    Bro this is so smart idea. +1 for you

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