Make an incentive not to be a Dragon.

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    Message to the GMs. There's a huge population difference as well as pay to win players, in this game that is causing players to quit and killing this games population more than it already has and that is, the overpopulation of the Dragon clan. HSBs are tough when it is 30 Guans vs 5 Fujins and 5 Jins, and now with this spring event Guans will just monopolize the drop event in yang and no other clan will get it, what's the point for other factions, do we just all have to spend $20 Grand like Khur on this game to make any progress, you won't let Nangins join the server for years but you will allow the monopoly that Guans have on having the most leets, R12s, FoLs? My suggestion is, make an event for Fujins Jins only, and make it faction locked so Guans can't benefit from the event using alt accounts, let R12 be open for Jins and Fujins only as well even if only for a small limited time. Just a suggestion from my observations of this server coming back after 2 years don't have to take my word for it but, If something doesn't happen, this game will only be Guans with no Jins or Fujins left, and how much fun will the Whale Guans be having then with all their money spent being wasted and fighting nothing LMFAO.
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