Legend of Ares Warfare and Territorial Wars

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    Greetings Ares Community

    We are excited to announce that Territorial War and Warfare game modes are finally here. Players will now be able to participate on these battle modes on a set schedule every week. It’s time to wage war with other factions, win the battle, and seize control over the territories.

    Territorial War

    War Locations:

    Kayan, Vuelsava, and Disep Plateau.

    How to Participate in Territorial War:


    • An in-game notice will pop up when the upcoming war will start
    • The Territorial War NPC will appear on the map where the war is going to commence.
    • Talk to the Territorial War NPC and select “Join Territorial War” option to participate in war.
    • Players are unable to move to a different location until either Territorial War has ended or the player choose to withdraw from the Territorial war.
    • Players are unable to use any Return Scrolls during the Territorial War
    • Only the Territorial War exclusive items are allowed to be used during the war.
    • Players can be attacked by field monsters during Territorial War.
    • There are certain restrictions depending on the map to participate Territorial War.
    • Participants must pay an entrance fee to participate Territorial War.
    • The data base will auto-verify each character's Lv. restriction and levels of weapons & armors.
    • Certain high-rank items will not be qualified for use during the Territorial War.

    Territorial War Schedule:
    • Territorial War will be held on every Mon, Fri and Sun at 8PM PDT.
    • Territorial War will occur in different map depending on the day of the week.
    • Territorial War will be held for 1 hour. (Preparation Time: 10min + Actual War Time: 50min).

    Withdraw from Territorial War
    • Players can be withdrawn from the Territorial War by contacting Territorial War NPC.
    • Players are able to rejoin the Territorial War but will require paying the entrance fee again.
    • Players are unable to enter the Territorial War after 20min has passed from the starting time.

    Territorial War Exclusive Item
    • Unable to PvP between Territorial War participants and non-participants located on the same map.
    • PvP can be proceeded among characters from the same nation with “PvP allowed” option being activated. (Note: advantage points or rank won’t be changed)
    • Territorial War exclusive items can be purchased via Territorial War NPC.
    • Territorial War exclusive items can be used in all 3 maps: Kayan, Vuelsava, and Disep Plateau.

    Warfare mode is being placed in certain maps where users have teamed up to fight against another faction.
    Many catapults and characters of the opposing faction will be a challenge to fight against to claim the victory.
    How to Participate in Warfare
    • Warfare NPC will appear in each castle 10min before to the Warfare starts.
    • Click the “Join Warfare” button which will transfer your character to the designated Warfare map.

    • Character level must be 70 or higher to join.
    • There will also be an Entry Fee requirements

    Warfare Schedule

    • There are Limitation on the # of Participants
    • In order to keep the Warfare fair certain conditions need to be met to proceed; A faction can’t have more than 6 participants gap than another faction.
    How to Proceed Warfare
    Winning Condition
    • The Faction with the most points during Warfare will claim victorious.
    • Points can be earned by defeating other players/participants, destroy catapults, and symbols/objects of the opposing faction.
    Contribution Medals
    • Certain chance to gain “Medals”
    • Depending on the # of medals being collected, various rewards can be exchanged.
    • Collect 100 medals to exchange with 1 Medal Reserve Ticket.
    • 1% of total Exp for the designated character level can be acquired.
    • Players can earn both Warfare Points and Medals.
    • Moral Exp can also be acquired by defeating opposing characters or destroying war symbols/objects.
    Thank you Ares Community. We hope that you enjoy the newly added Territorial Wars and Warfare. Let us know if we forgot o mention any specific details about both wars.

    RedFox Games

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    Ther war was nice, but we got stuck all over the map, i don't know what bug it is, just fix it please, thanks.
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    The bug consists of not being able to target other players from afar. You right click other players but you stay in place. Can't walk over each other.
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    This is an issue for remove WASD moving option. it happen everywhere not just in warfare map.

    1. Any corner or edge of an object like building / rock / pillar .. ect will get stuck.
    2. Click move won't work for moving when click on an player. (this happen a lot in most town when have many player around the bank always having hard time move to bank NPC due to block by other player)

    You was either click on the altar pillar or player therefor won't move, unless u use 'right mouse click' to cast skill atk on the opponent side player that may work.
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    Forgot to mention rewards from territorial war....bonus to pat, or is that sum weird bug I have
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    Yes u Get Bonus Its not a bug lol BTW guys we Need More players For WARS! They are same time Everyday Clear ur Schedule Turn Ur Phones off For An Hour and Come Do WAR BABY
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    Let's go get it !

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