[Legend of Ares] - Server Maintenance 6/6/2018 has concluded!

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    Greetings Ares Community,

    [UPDATE] Maintenance has concluded! Servers are now open!
    Skill Bug Issue has been fixed. All characters Skill tree has been reset please add the Skills on your characters back accordingly. Thank you let us know if there are any other ongoing Skill Bug issue.

    [UPDATE] Maintenance apparently have been extended a little longer due to a skill bug on the data. We will let everyone know once we re-open the servers.
    Maintenance has concluded the servers are now open. Please try and log in let us know if you are able to connect to the servers. Mainly a routine maintenance check this week and server stabilization as usual. Thank you for your patience.

    We are going to have a Server Maintenance on Wednesday June 6th, 2018 at 5:00PM PST (17:00) PDT. Note that the servers will be down during maintenance, and players will not be able to log in game while maintenance is still in progress. This will be a routine maintenance to check server stability.
    • Server Stabilization Test
    • Routine Maintenance Check
    • Weekly Periodic Inspection.
    • Character Specific Bug Fixes
    Thank you for your patience. We will update this post once maintenance has concluded.

    RedFox Games
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